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wanderer (ChloeMai) Exterior.



Sitting Room.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Lynx entered the ramshackle, almost barn-like cottage slowly. Her hand brushes over the 2 marks on her cheek, wincing ever so slightly as she did so. Her eyes gazed around the dirty, barren room, taking in the debris ridden floor, rotting walls and the scarce amount of filthy furniture that had remained since she had discovered the place. Her eyes lingered on the cobwebs lacing the corners of the room, watching somewhat intently as a spider spun its silver-like thread to create its fly catcher. The place was eerily silent, as always and not even the town could be heard for it was in such a secluded spot.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Lynx made her way to the sitting room-her usual place of sleep- her footsteps echoing quietly, the sudden sound of her own footfalls emiting through the household. She threw herself into the rickety chair, a cloud of dust escaping into the atmosphere as she did so as she rested her head in her hands.
"Hello my dear sister." Her brother. His lips next to her ear, alchol saturated breath cooling her neck in a most unpleasent manner. His tone was..Quiet. Close to that of a sneer. Her muscles immeadietly bunched together, preparing to run even though she knew for a fact that the attempt would lead her know where. it would just anger him more so.
"I told you that I would return." He added, in that same tone that put her on edge.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) It began as Lynx had expected, a sharp slap across her already injured cheek before he yanked her from the dust ridded chair and threw her against the wall. He landed a few punches on various parts of her body, all resulting in the same kind of pain that she had almost forgotten. It was then to the ground, and she distictly heard the loud snap of one of her ribs, causing all the air to leave her body in a loud and audiable gasp. It went on like this for a while, and all the memories that she had kept tucked safetly away came flooding back as he violated her in ways which had her begging for him to stop. He carried on laying down the kicks and the punches, even managed to grapple for a wooden stick that lay in the corner of the room and began to hit her with it. Then came the belt as it lashed across her back and finally..Finally he stopped, spat on her and informed her he was going to the kitchen, and for her not to move. Of course she ignored this warning, desperatly pulling herself to her feet, her battered legs threatening to buckle beneath her as she hauled herself out of the window, and began to run. Run as she had never had before. Her body was a deep shade of blue, mingled with purple. Gashes and cuts covered every inch of her small-framed body and her clothes were ripped and torn, and were beginning to stain with blood that was seeping out from her injures. She tripped and stumbled numerous times, and she had no plan in to which way she was going. Only the need to escape. A blackened circle ringed her neck where he had held her until she had almost lost conciousness, and her broken rib was threatening to impale her lung. But she continued on.Pack. Pack. Pack. Pack. She chanted the words in her head. Her source of protection. Michalea. Michalea was in charge at the moment. She would help her. She veered off in the direction she had caught her Betas scent. Hoping and praying that Ray didnt find her first.

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