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When to expect this book?
Alicia Alicia Nov 02, 2012 06:28PM
When is this book going to come out? Anyone know when we can expect it too?
I feel like I've been waiting for longer than forever.

I have it on my to-read shelf...but i don't remember adding it...I'll try to find out for you.

Here is her author profile on Amazon, but this book dosn't seem to be on there....

You could message the author.

Alicia Thank You. I think I will.
Nov 04, 2012 04:53AM

Hello everyone, alas the trials and tribulations of the publishing industry. My very reputable NY editor was fired and some ditz from Disney replaced him and dropped the book, saying that she felt Americans couldn't relate to Irish mythology (???). Then the Canadian publishers pulled out because they couldn't go it alone without an American publication, as if I have never sold books in Canada. (Do I sound bitter or just annoyed?) Good news though. Looks like a television series is on the cards! So the book may happen yet. You could always read it to your children or your grandchildren ... Thanks for caring! O.R.

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