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Alessia (siriostars) .

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (Awesomesocks) | 266 comments Molly walked along the beach, kicking the water

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Astig0921 Lucy walks down the board walk...she loves walking here at night the waves are so calming and how the moon reflects off the water is amazing.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((pretend that the first coment i made isnt there))

David see's Lucy walking and finally works up the courage to go talk to her.

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Astig0921 Lucy turns with a smile on her face and says sweetly, "Hi?" stops walking.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "It's David been in your classes for awhile guess i've never talked to you before and wanted to see if you needed company. I'm soooo bored." He hoped she couldnt see his hands shaking

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Astig0921 She laughed, "I know who you are, and sure i wouldn't mind having some company." She smiled. She noticed his hands were shaking but didn't mention it cause she didn't want to be rude.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments He tried to calm down and it worked. "so whatcha doin here at night?"

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Astig0921 "just left the movies and so now im here walking the beach calms me at night." She smiled, "what about you?"

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "We'll... dont pity me but, my moms dead and i just went home and guess what? Dads gone note says he's gone for good." He let out a little laugh " So just clearin my head."

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Astig0921 She stopped and hugged him, "I am so sorry David.." She said with the most sincerity.

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Astig0921 ((hey i gtg to bed sorry nite..))

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments He was startled by the hug "Oh, um... no its fine ima stay with a friend for awhile

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((me too lol be back tomorrow))

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((hey im here if you are))

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Astig0921 ((hey im back :) ))

She let go after a second smiling, "well, thats good i hopr everything works out alright."

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "Me too." He replied as he continued to walk with her

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Astig0921 She walked with him, "so hows school?" She asked hesitantly.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "Oh its pretty good, you?" He said thankful for the change of subject

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Astig0921 She smiled, "okay i guess, i hope i hope i don't mess up in this weeks football game..."

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "I'm sure you wont."

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Astig0921 "i hope not.." She said while looking down at the ground.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "Hey," he said stopping and making her look at him "dont doubt yourself. You'll do perfectly well if you just realize it's not that hard and believe in yourself."

((what is it she has to do im not sure))

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Astig0921 ((shes walking home hahaha))

She looked up at him and smiled, "thanks..its just everyone thinks im just the pretty girl but im much more..."

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "Well i know that looks arent everything."

((I mean at the football game))

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Astig0921 ((shes a cheerleader))

She blushed, "well thank you.""

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Astig0921 ((hey gtg nite))

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((thats what i thought))

"No problem i'm here to lift spirits." He said with a small smile

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((oh nite))

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Astig0921 She smiled, "why haven't we ever talked before?" She laughed.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "I dont know really. Maybe i thought you had enough on your plate without having to deal with me." he said smiling

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (Awesomesocks) | 266 comments Molly started swimming out in the ocean

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "HEY, whos out there in the water?"

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (Awesomesocks) | 266 comments "why do you care?" Molly said over her shoulder as she swam

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "I'd like to know if its somebody trying to creep up on me."

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

"So this is nice Sky. Do you like the weather?"

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Skye nodded. "The weather is amazing." She said with a smile. She closed her eyes as the breeze lifted her hair off of her shoulders.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments How does she look so beautiful without even trying he wondered.

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She looked over at him. She stared into his eyes for a moment, then looked down, blushing slightly. I think I'm falling for him. She thought.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments He noticed her start to blush and tried to change the subject so she wouldnt be embarrased ((Or whatever))

"So hows life?"

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Skye shrugged. "It's alright. But my dad is thinking about moving all the way to France." She said, staring down at her feet. She didn't want to move anywhere at all. "I told him that this is the only place that I feel most at home."

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "That sounds totally reasonable. Is he going to make you move?"

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Skye shook her head. "He said that if he decides that we're moving to France and I still don't want to move, then he'll leave me here all alone. Either that or kill me." Her voice shook at the last part. "But... do you think that he really will?" Skye asked, looking up into his eyes.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments "Of course not, and if he does leave you you could always stay with a friend."

((I gtg probly be back in half an hour or so))

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((Alright, bye!))

Skye nodded, the right corner of her lips turning up in a lopsided smile. "Thanks." She said, her eyes sparkling.

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (Awesomesocks) | 266 comments Just then Molly started sloshing in the water. She had been stung a. Stingray.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments ((Hey Kenna can he father be abusive and my guy like saves her))

He said "No problem im here to help" slowly slipping his hand into hers

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((Sure, that's sounds cool! :) ))

Skye smiled and held onto his hand. She looked up into his eyes to see his expression.

TheLostOne~WithoutAPathHome | 337 comments He smiled slightly squeezing her hand hoping the moment would last forever. "What do you want to do? If you just want to talk we can."

((Later you could have her call me cuz her dads trying to hurt her and my guy, obviously, comes to her rescue))

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Skye smiled back and squeezed his. She didn't want to let go but she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable either. Then she shrugged. "I really don't mind what we do, I just like being with you." She said, then she blushed brightly when she realized what she had just said. She looked down at her feet.

((Sure! I'm excited!!!))

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