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message 1: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) You have any?

message 2: by Hana (new)

Hana (Dystopianqueen) | 46 comments Um, do you have threads for different places around town? I.e, mcdonalds, library, mall, ect. That might be a good idea...

message 3: by Hana (new)

Hana (Dystopianqueen) | 46 comments you do! XD nvm.

message 4: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) XD haha its okay.

message 5: by Hana (new)

Hana (Dystopianqueen) | 46 comments XD sorry bout that.

message 6: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) its fine :3

Willa Monday-Proud Can we add Advanced Aeronautics to the High School Classes? I made a Teacher for the Class,And she can even teach outside.

message 8: by Alessia (new)

Alessia (siriostars) Uh sure...

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