Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst, #1) Raising Dragons question

What did people think of Raising Dragons?
Sofia Sofia Nov 02, 2012 03:23PM
I thought this book was simply EXCELLENT!!! Bryan Davis really knows what he's talking about! All the references to the legend of King Arthur are very well researched! A very touching story. I think this book is great, and I know a good book when I read one!

Yeah.I read a lot and if there is anyone who knows a good book on sight, it's me. I loved this book and I would read it again in a heartbeat.

Sam There is a series called The Door Within trilogy that is very similar to this series. I just read it, and it is awesome!!! Almost as great as Bryan Da ...more
Jun 28, 2013 07:48PM

deleted member Apr 16, 2013 09:41PM   0 votes
It was okay

If you like this book like I do then read the rest of the series. There are like 10-12 more books, my favorite in the series being Eye of the Oracle. MUST READ MORE BRYAN DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it was awful. The biblical references were simply in there to exist, and the story was flat. The writing was terrible, and the characters boring. I've always found that Christian reviewers tend to give positive reviews to a book or movie simply because I've is Christian, without much regard for actual story-telling, and I'm saying that as a devout Christian myself.

deleted member Apr 24, 2013 09:08PM   0 votes
I think it absolutely horrible. characters seem to only fill there prescribed roles and act on mundaity. Alot of the bible quotes were really quite forced and taken way out of context. The dialog is all really quite tedious and boring.

Emma Grace AMEN!!!
Jun 28, 2013 04:50PM

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