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message 1: by Enjee, Founder (new)

Enjee | 79 comments Mod
Has anyone read this novella? It occurs between Tricked and Trapped. I just bought it on B&N, so I hope it wasn't free somewhere.

message 2: by ☀Rachael☀ (new)

☀Rachael☀ (jimbunni) I read it it was really good as always a nice little gap filler while waiting for Trapped! And no I don't think it's free anywhere I did look ;)

message 3: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (sscott) | 1 comments I read this novella, and I enjoyed it a lot! It provides a nice link betwen Tricked and Trapped. I downloaded it to my Kindle and it was very reasonable price ($2.99)

message 4: by Derek (new)

Derek Reeves (DerekRReeves) | 2 comments locked this filler. probably the beat novella I've ever read... but I'm a bit biased being a big Hearne fan anyway :)

message 5: by Egon (new)

Egon (Egon24) | 1 comments One of the Best Novella i have ever read i enjoyed Trapped so mutch more thanks to that Novella

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