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Natalie Wandless Natalie Nov 02, 2012 03:03PM
Why did Edward hold his breath in bio when bella walked in? I can't figure it out

deleted member Nov 05, 2012 09:47PM   1 vote

He held his breath because breathing would require smelling, and he didn't want to be tempted by Bella's scent.

He did it for the same reason you or I would hold our breath when we smell something we don't want to smell.

he holds his breath? this always makes me laugh; hes a vampire he doesn't breathe!!!

But he smelled her before she got in the room... right?

i think somone made a point here. if u read the book midnight sun, it might explans all in there.

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He held iphis breath because if he held it then he wouldn't have to breath in a smell Bella.


I just want to say in the book even twilight it made perfect sense for Edward to hold his breath and i thought it was a rather important part of the story cause he almost killed her. BUT when i saw it in the movie i honestly thought it was the worst/funniest acting ever like really, really rob. okay that just had to be said.

'Midnight Sun' (Edwards POV) gives great insight into this. :) Not sure if it's still on Meyer's website/blog or not, but I think it was worth reading even though it is not finished.

EDWARD is amazing i love him!!!

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RegencyEmma Yes, well I wouldn't get my hopes up. LOL.
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