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Stat the stories you have. Don't worry, we won't call you crazy.

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My mom works in an old building that was once a mental hospital in the early 1900s. It is now a preschool. ((Who made a mental hospital into a preschool you say? Don't ask me.)) There had been various rumors about the dead coming back but no one believed them. After all, they were just rumors. But now I've seen one, sort of. The night sucurity guy at her school is convinced there's a ghost. The first thing he reported was random furniture moving on it's own. He actulally got a tape from a a night-vision security camera. It shows a cork-boar falling from the wall. But the strange thing is, it looked like it was being yanked off. Like someone had grabbed the front and pulled. Another time, during the day, he was lining kids up to go inside, and one preschooler was laughing hystericaly. No, I mean like, he was having fits. When he asked the student what he was laughing at, the kid looked at him all confused like it was obvious and pointed toward a flag pool in the distance.
"I'm laughing at that man over there," but no one was there.
One time, my mom was lining her kids up, and she quickly did a head count. Everyone was there, including the new student she got that mourning. But the kids were still calling to someone over at the play-ground. And it wasn't just one of them, but the whole row of kids, like they really saw someone.

But again, no one was there.

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(I didn't want this one to be roleplay. Just people relating true storys of the paranormal.)

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