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Any Glen Cook fans?

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message 1: by David Sven (new)

David Sven (Gorro) I'm intending to start the Black Company series this month.

message 2: by Terence (new)

Terence (Spocksbro) The first three books and Soldiers Live are the best in the series, and the ones written from Croaker's POV are generally better than the others (IMO, obviously - Croaker, the Company's physician and annalist, is one of my all-time favorite SF characters. I fell in love w/ the series from page one of book one because of his voice.)

If you like Cook, you might try his "Dread Empire" series, which has its good points but he never developed characters that caught my interest as much as Croaker and Lady.

You might also like his Sci-Fi series, "Starfishers Trilogy."

And he's got a few standalone novels that are worth reading, including The Tower of Fear, Swordbearer and A Matter of Time.

message 3: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) Cook was for me, the first writer ever to focus on the darker side. It soon became apparent that there really is no good vs evil, just one side vs another.
Croaker too was one of my favorite characters, an awesome series that kind of lost its way in the end.

message 4: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 1 comments I just finished The Black Company series this summer from a friend. Overall I think Cook was way ahead of his time, even though his epic fantasies may not been the most readable.

I love all of the Black Company books, and the end in Soldier Lives was epic, the only way to end the series.

message 5: by Shelley, High Fist Shells (new)

Shelley (Shelley69) | 172 comments Mod
I haven't read any of Cook's work, I fell into fantasy because of Ray Feist, then I read Abercrombie, then GRRM and finally Steven Erikson/ICE. That's going from light to dark real quick! :) I tend to lean to the darker side of things, more realistic IMO, so I'll have to check out Mr. Cook after I finish Abercrombie's Red Country, which friggin awesome....the Bloody Nine is back! ;-)

message 6: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) In GotM the first thing I thought was that Sorry was going to be the same character as the girl the black company adopts. Similar start.

message 7: by Benji (new)

Benji Glaab (demolitionlegend) | 3 comments I just started white rose. though Cooks writing is a bit choppy at times I love the fact that it's so point blank, or direct. The first Garrett PI novel was also enjoyable.

message 8: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (Gabbo_man) | 4 comments Black Company is pretty fly, but i'm more partial to The Instumentalities of The Night. More gritt.

message 9: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy | 3 comments I disliked how Cook brushed over the battle sequences. That is what I like so much about Erikson's writing but I found The Black Company quite flat in that regard.

message 10: by Terence (new)

Terence (Spocksbro) Jimmy wrote: "I disliked how Cook brushed over the battle sequences. That is what I like so much about Erikson's writing but I found The Black Company quite flat in that regard."

I don't know. I think Cook does well enough. I'm remembering the battle at Dejagore and the final battle between Sleepy and Mogaba.

I don't think Cook cares so much about detailing battles. The important points in his stories take place elsewhere usually. You're talking about two different writing styles that both work (for me).

message 11: by Matt (new)

Matt Cole (mattdeancole) Beyond The Black Company, check out the Dread Empire novels and his latest series, The Instrumentalities of The Night

message 12: by Tony (new)

Tony | 2 comments Dread Empire and Black Company are good reads. read them both last year.

message 13: by Evan (new)

Evan | 3 comments Big fan. I used to love reading as a youth. Sadly I was torn away from the fantastic medium by distractions like video games and friendship. It was Glen Cook's Black Company that got me back into reading and for that I shall remain a Glen Cook follower until the end of time.

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