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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > [s]A Book about a self-help editor who finds a book that changes the world [s]

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Elizabeth Ramsay (eramsay) I read a book several years ago and it was almost a satire and I would like to re-read it. I believe it had "happiness" in the title but I'm not sure. I believe the premise was that a book editor was writing or had to submit a self help book to his editor. He ends up picking up a manuscript out of the trash and getting it published. The book describes the secrets to a happy life, things like perfect sex without wrinkling the sheets etc. The book ends up turning the whole world on its head and the editor/author set out to make things normal again. Not sure if this is a good description but any help/suggestions are much appreciated.

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Sheila  | 24 comments Are you thinking of Happiness Happiness by Will Ferguson?

Moloch | 128 comments I think this is it :-)

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Jena | 40 comments I loved that book!

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Elizabeth, is this it?

Elizabeth Ramsay (eramsay) Yes, I'm pretty sure that is it from the description. I'll check into it a bit more tonight and confirm for sure. Thank you so much! You cannot believe how many books out there have "happiness" in the title.

Elizabeth Ramsay (eramsay) I just checked a few reviews and this is definitely the book. Thank you so much! Been looking for it for years but I didn't know where to start!

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