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Do I look like i have time to make them from scratch? Here: for the basics!

What is role-play exactly?
Basically, you'll act out your role in the "story" as your characters, or for short "OCs" Orginal characters. If you don't know how to start, scroll through the story a bit and read it to see what is going on, then just start typing and work in your character. Everyone should be friendly and help bring your character into the story

What are the basic rules for the role-play? These were the original rules- and some obviously still comply!
The Rules for Roleplaying are simple:
This is a PG-13 Website. No Profanity or Vulgarity or Sexuality is allowed. This means your Characters need to keep it clean.
Being flirty and young love themes are Ok. Naughty behavior/kissing/sex/etc is not allowed though.
We do not tolerate power-role-playing also. As in, taking over the role of a character that is not yours. That's a big no-no.
If you're roleplaying horses and they breed, keep it simple like "And then they bred".
No forced breeding is allowed. No graphic descriptions of breeding are allowed.
You may not force another character to do anything.
Fighting is only permited if both parties want to fight.
God Modding is not allowed.
Do not be mean to other characters.
When new characters arrive, welcome them into the story.
The Roleplay area is not a chatroom. All content entered should be part of the story and nothing else.
No advertising is allowed.

What is a Herd?
A Herd is just he simple term for a group or a family of horses. They usually are lead by a 'lead-stallion' or a 'lead-mare'. All Herds are followed by a bachelor-herd, a small band of young stallions related by blood.

In certain role-play sites, a Herd is the kind a group of horses where a mare has more the rights to leave her group, unlike a Band. Sadly, all colts have to leave their Band/Herd by the age of 2 years to avoid inbreeding.

What is a Band?
The same as a Herd, but in certain other sites, the stallion is in full control. Your mare OC is helpless unless she is rounded up by another band/herd.

What are the ranks available in the guestbook
Leadstallion and/ or Leadmare (or Dowager if she is single)
Some Herds/Bands are allowed to appoint a Lieutenant/Delta stud or mare, these are the second in command horses.
Rarely, but there have also been slots for 3rd in command.

Then there are the backbones of each group of horses- the Herd/Band members, elders, foals or bachelors. The bachelors are usually the young male offspring of the leads. They gang up, but thrive close to their birth-herd until they reach the age of 2, where the Lead Stallion is forced to chase them away to new life.

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so what would i do about Valient Spirit? he's 4.

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he either has his own herd, or is a loner

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mmm, maybe loner that's sort of in a way "harassing" your herd? wanting to joinish?

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i guess, do you want to roleplay on the rp forum?

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