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Jim  (yimmy_d) | 15 comments Mod
For those who have read the book and seen the movie, how do you think the two compare? As a fan of the book, there were parts of the stories that I loved watching play out on the screen. But overall, I think the movie falls way short of the book. Its constant cross-cutting structure is difficult to follow (even for someone familiar with the stories) and its lack of subtlety made it all too cheesy. Maybe that's just me, though?

Rolando Basmayor | 2 comments If they follow the structure of the book, it will not definitely work in the film... Introducing a new character on a film after almost an hour is not good... They definitely took the risk to tell the story in a different way that made the movie so polarize between the critics and audience.

message 3: by Kelsi (new)

Kelsi | 8 comments Mod
I had high hopes for the movie after seeing the trailer. Recognizing the ambitious nature of the project, I still felt that it fell a little short. There's some poignancy to Mitchell's prose that couldn't quite translate to the screen and instead came off as cliche. I felt that the directors didn't give viewers enough credit, relying too heavily on action and over-dramatization and not enough on the simple, subtle beauty of the relationships in Mitchell's book. That said, the movie was undeniably entertaining, and created worlds that I couldn't have imagined with my mind's eye. Both great experiences - just different.

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