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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I read ebooks mostly but sometimes I don't have an ebook as an option among the editions listed at Goodreads. So I choose a paper edition and set my progress as percent with the Android app. Is there something like this at the website?

message 2: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 813 comments When you update your reading status the word "page" is a link. Clink on it to convert to percentage. Likewise if you are stuck on percentages, click the "%" switch to pages.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 9 comments I can't find how to change book format on android app either if adding new book. If ebook edition already in currently reading, it picks up % vs. pages; but no way to change book format if wrong (search just shows most popular/shelved versin).

If I search for a new book by ebook isbn, AISN or BNID # instead of title, it does select the correct format. But, if I have to pop open a browser to look up the ebook number—may as well pop open goodreads site and not use the app.

message 4: by Ridley (new)

Ridley | 278 comments I gave up on the android app for that reason, Deborah. The inability to choose a particular edition was leading to books getting shelved more than once.

I just use the regular site in the browser. It's actually functional.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 9 comments I'll sometimes, once books selected another way, keep the android app open to quickly note reading status if home and phone plugged in on nightstand.

Not being able to select "new" or "newest" posts on groups, not being able to shelve or view specific editions…makes it pretty useless for me (paging thru some groups discussion threads 50 at a time in a thread with thousands of posts is ridiculous).

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I also read it in the browser rather than the phone app.

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