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Aura walks into class tentatively, searching the room for Apollo. Today is her first day here, and she was told that he taught this class. She didn't show it, but she was looking forward to it a lot. "Hello?" She asked, her voice echoing.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "Hey!" said Rachel. "Im Rachel, you?" asked Rachel.

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Aura raised an eyebrow. "Aura," she said slowly.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "Cool, i guess we have a class together, hi Aura." said Rachel. "So why are you in this class? Im here because Apollo is HOT, but noy just brcause of that, i also like music," concluded Rachel.

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Kayla walked into the classroom a little nervous.

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "Hey!" said Rachel to the person who just walked in. "Welcome to the class!"

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Kayla smiled tentativly. "Hi."

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "what's your name?"Rachel asked.

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"I'm Kayla," she said

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "Hi Kayla!" answered Rachel.

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"What's you're name?" she asked

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Selena  (Selipoky) | 36 comments "Rachel,"she replied. "Nice to meet you."

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Aura kept quiet, and looked at Kayla. "Hello," she smiled politely.

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"Nice to meet you to," Kayla said, "Hi"

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"Is Apollo late?" Ariadne-Persephone glanced around the room. Then kind of... giggled. "He's always been late to things for as long as I can remember!"

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Jordan quietly crept into the room, hoping he wasn't late. Then again, it wasn't like Apollo was one of those teachers who took the register or anything. He checked the day's schedule-Music, Forge Time, Thievology. Then a sleep before dinner-he needed to sleep to keep Dave under control-then dinner, then if he got any homework, then training, then more sleep. Bor-ing.

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He sat down. Jordan sighed from his seat as he tried to stop Dave surfacing. This was, he could tell, one of those unlucky days that Dave would embarrass him. He just hoped it was after school that the nervous fit hit him. No such luck. Jordan began to twitch, somewhere between the void of consciousness and unconsciousness. Dave was beginning to take over.

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Xena walked in, more than a little late, but she really didn't care. None of the other teachers were here so why should Apollo. She looked for a seat but saw a guy twitching. Sensing this was not good she walked over. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked him scanning him for any injury

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A cheerful voice-a voice that was not Jordan's-came out of his mouth. "Sure, I'm fine, 'ay mate? G'day!" he said, speaking but his lips did not move. The boy-the boy who was really Jordan-was still twitching and fidgeting for some reason. "What's yer name, ay?"

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Xena blinked in shock. She was surprised but she shouldn't be. The Gods can make the impossible possible. "Xena," Obviously this wasn't voluntary as he was still twitching.

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Jordan's real voice surfaced and he managed to choke, "Get him out of my body!" In a few seconds he was replaced by Dave, who began to somehow alter Jordan's simple outfit into a steampunk costume. "So, Xena. Who are your parents?"

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"Who are you and what have you done with the other kid?" Xena positioned herself in case a fight broke out

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Ariadne noticed the slight commotion, "Xena? You okay?" she said, noticing Xena's stance

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"This guy has two voices, two personalities, it seems, and two totally different clothing styles. He switched and it's obviously not voluntary," Xena explained not taking her eyes off of Jordon's body

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"Oh, well that's unique, I guess..." Ariadne said looking at the guy

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"Let's get him to talk, maybe he'll say something helpful" Xena whispered to Ariadne

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"Maybe," Ariadne whispered back, looking suspiciously at... Well whichever personality was currently in control. "Hi, uhm, do you have a name?" Ariadne felt stupid to ask that, but felt knowing the basics would help.

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Jordan pushed his way to the forward and croaked quickly, "Jordan." He could only take control for a minute, then Dave took over and said, "M'name's Dave, y'all!"

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"Okay, Dave," She stressed his name, "Where are you from?"

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Jordan resurfaced again for a moment. "Salt Lake Ci-" he began, before Dave cried, "I'm from Manhattan!"

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"How'd you both get into the same body?" Xena sighed how to do this?

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Jordan fainted and regained consciousness after a few moments. "I went on a quest to the underworld and Dave, who was a ghost, attached to me. I'm Jordan, son of Keto and Triton, by the way. You?"

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"I'm Xena, daughter of Persephone and Ares,"
Xena paused, "Does that happen often, Dave taking over?"

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"Around three times a month on average," Jordan said. "Persephone and Ares, huh? Never knew they had a kid. Then again, not too many knew Keto and Triton had a kid either. I HATE DAVE!" He yelled the last bit forcibly and intimidatingly.

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"Not to be insensitive, but why do you hate Dave,"

(Gtg be back in 7 hours)

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"He takes over my body! That's really painful. And he alters my t-shirt into some steampunk thing! And we're complete opposites! And it's his fault that people think I'm crazy! Still, it will be at least a week and a half until he takes over again, which is good. I specially time this so I do anything to stop Dave on a day he's due to take over me again, but it only works sometimes," Jordan ranted.

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Ariadne wondered what Jordan- Dave- Whoever! Would do if he knew who she was, based on his little faint she didn't want to find out. "How old is Dave?" Ariadne said curiously, wondering if she could have met him in the Underworld at some point.

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"Around my age...fifteen, perhaps? Maybe a couple of years younger. I don't know. I never bother to talk to him. When I tried it once he took over..." Jordan said.

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"That's a pretty good reason not to like him," Xena said, "It's probably a good thing that he's about the same age and it's a guy, imagine of he was a three year old girl," Xena winced

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Jordan laughed in spite of himself. "If he was a three year old girl who played with My Little Pony toys, I think I'd commit suicide," he replied, grinning in order to show her he was joking.

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"A surprising amount of teenage boys actually do that," Xena laughed, "Let's hope Dave isn't one of them"

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"I wish he'd go back to the Underworld where he belonged...perhaps a child of Hades could help me get rid of him," Jordan grinned.

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"You never know," Xena kicked the back of Ariadne's left leg, "I may know of someone that could help,"

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"Who?" Jordan asked eagerly.

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"Well, there's her," Xena said with a scowl, she was not her favorite person. "And there's also SOMEONE HERE," She said with another kick

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Jordan frowned and sighed; Apollo was still not there. "Who's her?" he asked.

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Ariadne laughed, "Princess of the Underworld, charmed to make your acquaintance." She extended a hand towards Jordan

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Jordan shook her hand. "I've been so rude, your highness!" he shrieked jokingly, doing a very low bow. "So, whatever your name is, could you help me get Dave out?"

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Ariadne laughed, "Ariadne-Persephone, and I suppose I could try!"

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