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There are only 13 animals,so only 13 people can be cursed.First come first serve.

Note:The family won't be all siblings.Yes,some can be,but its more like cousins.

Rat:Destery Xie( Draxx♫Get Scared♫)
Dog:Samantha Xie-Zan(❤Claire❤)
Boar:Komura Xie(Ariel)
Rabbit:Bo Xie-Zan(Break*Through*Angel)
Snake:Meri Xie-Zan(Break*Through*Angel)
Tiger:Izabel Xie(Ari)
Ram:Jared Xie(Ari)
Monkey:Maylin Shizuki Xie(Vasantha)

Please use this format-




Appearance:Please,No anime

Eye color:






What Animal Are You?:

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Name: Maylin Shizuki Xie
Nickname: May

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

(view spoiler)

Eye color: Amber

Height: 5'8"

Personality: Maylin isn't a shy girl by any stretch of the imagination; she is outgoing, talkative and fun. May can talk to anyone about anything even something she knows nothing about. May is an amazing listener and can sit there for hours just listening to you vent if you are upset about something. She is always there for you whether you are her best friend or worst enemy, she'll treat you just the same if you're upset. But just because May has a kind, compassionate side does not mean she is a pushover or mean she will take crap from anyone. May will stand up for herself and others, she has no problem speaking her mind which sometimes she does a little too much. It's like her mind doesn't have a filter, if something pops into her head she says it and that can make her come off as blunt and slightly rude on occasion but you get used to it.

May is a very bubbly, happy person and she just has this warm aura/charm to her that makes people immediately like her and feel comfortable around her. May usually is wearing a dazzling smile spread across her lips though she has her bad days just like everybody else. When May is in one of her rare bad moods it's best to avoid her. When she is happy she is very nice and sweet but on her bad days she is the complete opposite; cranky, bitchy and just plain mean.

May has a very sarcastic personality, she says it's her best trait though others may disagree. Maylin doesn't have a bad temper at all; it's very hard to get her angry but when you do she will attack verbally and physically so making her angry isn't something you want to do. May is very open minded and isn't very stubborn because she excepts the fact that she could be wrong or that whatever it is she is planning on doing could be stupid. May is smart but she isn't a genius or anything; she does well in school with little effort but she doesn't do exceptionally well. May almost always puts school last because to her you only have one life and you should enjoy it.

History: Maylin has always been the way she is now, she never really changed. She was raised in a strict household with a Chinese father and a French mother who always loved her but made sure she was well behaved and respectful. May grew up in a relatively happy household and she was always happy while growing up.

Maylin first 'transformed' when she was four years old and she was having a tiny birthday party. A guy friend of her's gave her a hug and then poof, she was standing there, a monkey. The children were scared, surprised and confused but in the end all of their memories were wiped. She still remembers the look of horror in their eyes and ever since she has been careful to avoid anything more than a handshake with someone of the opposite sex.

Crush: Open

Other: She speaks Mandarin, French and English.

What Animal Are You?: Monkey

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Very Nice :3 I'll put her as the monkey :D

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Name:Izabel Margo Xie




Eye color:Sapphire Blue


Personality:Izabel is quite the social girl.She's not someone who would bury their face in a book,or completely isolate themselves.She can be very bubbly at times,shes pretty much a total cool girl.Shes very sarcastic at times,so sometimes she can come off as rude.Trust me,she really isn't,shes actually very sweet and kind.

Izabel can be very stubborn sometimes,and she won't give up on many things.She also doesn't like to admit things very easily.She's very persistent,well it actually depends what it is.

You shouldn't get izabel mad,because being the tiger she can be very aggressive.One sudden thing can make her burst into one whole big fit of anger.People say she's taken out a whole soccer team once,all by herself.But those are only rumors.Who knows though,she herself says that she'll cut your throat out and feed it to demons.

History:Izabel used to be a very closed up girl when she was younger.She didn't talk much,and her parents worried that if she kept being so shy,that she wouldn't develop the ability to speak well.So,by force,Izabel had to go and make friends and she was forced to speak.As time passed by,it became more of a habit to be like she was forced to be.This made a whole new Izabel,one who was actually very social,and talktive.She did keep her kind and caring qualities that she used to have though.


Other:Izabel is actually very intelligent,though she doesn't like people to know.

What Animal Are You?:Tiger

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Finished Maylin :D

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o: My characters like childsplay compared to yours

message 7: by Vasantha (new)

Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) But yours is good! especially after being gone for so long.

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Thanks lol.ive had a few friends fill me in on things XD

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Well, she is great :D I'm working on a guy right now.

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I was going to make a guy,but not part of the cursed family.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Yeah, mine is normal.

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Sure XD It is first come first serve.

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Name:Luke Lewis

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Eye color: Blue-green

Height: 6" 1





What Animal Are You?: CAT!!! (ALL MINE!!!)
{under construction}

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Name:Jared Elias Xie




Eye color:Dark Brown


Personality:Jared has a very negitive personality.He's not the person that people want to be around most times.You'd have to be crazy to want to actually be around Jared.

Hes very rude.Not sarcastic rude,just bluntly rude.He'll say whats on his mind,even if it's not very kind.He doen't care if your feelings get crushed into a million pieces,he'll say it without regrets.He knows that it hurts you,which is why he says it.

Jared is arrogant.Theres no question about it.He thinks he's the king of the world,and that because he is 'the king of the world',it entitles him to do whatever he wants.He believes that everyones his servant,and that he doesn't need to ever lift a finger.He thinks that he's the most attractive,and that everyone wants him or wants to be him.

Though,under the whole arrogant,rude facade is actually a kind person.Of course,you'll have to dig VERY deep to reach the point in where hes actually nice.Theres about a speck of kindness in him,which is only triggered by a few things.One of them is someone he may care about,another one is animals.Yes,you heard correct.The all mighty Jared loves animals.Hes always helping animals,and he just loves to watch them and capture them in photos.Of course,you'll never get him to admit it,but,its there.

History:Jared was raised by two parents that spoiled him unconditionally.This caused him to believe that he could step on his parents backs when they worked so hard to give him what he wanted.He grew up more and more and the spoiledness turned into arrogancy and rudeness.

Jared only developed his love for animals recently,when he found a baby bird in a tree,alone.It had broken its wing,and Jared took care of it until it healed.Nobody knows about this,and he plans to keep it that way.



What Animal Are You?:Ram

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Victoria wrote: "Name:



Appearance:Please,No anime

Eye color:




Crush: (kyo ;) hahah jk)


What Animal Are You?: CAT!!! (ALL MINE!!!)
{under construction}"

LOL XDD Oh gosh.I just love Kyo. X3

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No,its fine :) Their both great ^.^

⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments Can I have Dragon?
I will try to make it quickly... >.>

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⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments {Being Worked on as we 'Speak'}



Gender: Male

Appearance: [image error]

Eye color: Amber

Height: 5' 10"





What Animal Are You?: Dragon?

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мαттнєω lє Ðєяαηgє∂ wrote: "Can I have Dragon?
I will try to make it quickly... >.>"

Fine by me :D

ᴀʀɪ [ it's another banger ] Name: Komura Xie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'5
Personality: Komura is a fun girl who, honestly, loves her friends, but they tick her off often, causing her to have the strength of a boar.
History: When she was younger, Komura had quite the temper and strength of a boar~
What Animal Are You?: Boar

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Very nice :D

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❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 3 comments (Being Worked On)

Name: Samantha Xie-Zan

Nickname: Sam or Sammy

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: description

Eye color: Deep blue

Height: 5'6

Personality: Sam is a stubborn, doesn't take shit from anyone kind of girl. She is a huge tomboy, she hates dolls, dresses, and anything girly. She can sometimes lose her temper and is determined. But when you get to know her better she is really sweet, caring, lovable, protective, and sometimes shy.


Crush: Open

Other: Sam loves to draw and sing

What Animal Are You?: Dog?

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) I CALL THE RATTT! XDDD

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Lol XD

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) Name: Destrey (Some people call him Des or Dessy)

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'6

Personality: Nice and bubbly, Des is always looking for adventure and an over all good time. He gives everyone a chance, but if you act like a douche he'll tell you to cool your biscuits and then just leave you to sort yourself out. Sometimes Des gets himself into trouble, but people find it hard to stay mad at him so he usually gets out of it.

History: Destrey had always just been sort of left to his own devices. Both his parents practically worked 24/7, giving him freedom and responsibility he didn't exactly want. Des had to basically raise his little sister while going through his own overly complicated teenage life. Despite temptation, Dessy stayed a good kid and for the most part well behaved. Sure he always stayed out really late with friends and pulled pranks and such at school, but he never got into drugs and alcohol. The only time his parents actually took notice was when Des first changed, which was after hugging his sister on her birthday.

Crush: Openn :D

Other: Bisexual, but leans more towards guys

What Animal Are You?: Rat

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o: Hes adorable! ^.^

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) I know right? So so cute :33 xD

⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments Sorry, this is a very busy week for me.
I have some free time tomorrow and will try to makemy character then...

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Thats Okay! :3 You can finish it whenever you'd like :D

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 3 comments Wait I have a question, are they all related?

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Yes,they are all related.Hence the name the cursed family.

❤Claire❤{Jax Teller} (pikachulover) | 3 comments Ok that's what I thought
just a little confused is all :p

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Thats fine

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Izzy (goodreadscomIzzy) | 17 comments Hello!

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Hello XD

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Izzy (goodreadscomIzzy) | 17 comments Idk which animal to make...

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Well you can make any one that's available,I don't know what to say... XD

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Izzy (goodreadscomIzzy) | 17 comments Name:Jayden Xie




Eye color:Blue


Personality:Jayden is a very deep and passionate person. Thoughtful and vast, his mind is elegant and intellectual. He is very talented with poetry and has a way with words.

History:Jayden was never recognized as a person throughout his entire life. He was always ignored, but one day he had just broken down from it all and sat there crying when a girl have him a hug, and he changed into a rooster. That was the first thing he hated himself for.

Crush:Open but leans towards guys

What Animal Are You?:Rooster

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Adorable! ^.^ Oh Gawsh.I could just pinch his cheeks X3

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Izzy (goodreadscomIzzy) | 17 comments Omg ikr? He's so cute!

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XD He needs to come where I live.We need a cute boy like this XDDDDD

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Izzy (goodreadscomIzzy) | 17 comments Omg same here

⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments Wow, I need to work on my charrie.
Glanced at RP posts at the common.
People who post more then one line! :3

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue)'s only Ari and I Rping xD

⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments *psh* I'm bored.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) I just posted in Paris, go post something.

⋆ m a n i a c a l ⋆ (Phoebus) | 9 comments You still need to invite people. o_O

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kuseyo Oooh! May I get the cat? Pretty, pretty please? :33

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its already taken.just isn't finished so that why it isn't up there. Sorry >.<

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