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Lauren What did you think?

emily_oriley | 155 comments Like most anime based manga, this fell kinda short from the original. I did enjoy the art work a lot (I may have even copied a few scenes) but, everyone, please watch the anime. Subbed! Watch it subbed! Normally I don't advocate either way but the dubbed was just annoying T.T Go Willie!!!

message 3: by Nena (new)

Nena | 21 comments I watched the anime and loved it!! I'm not much of a manga reader though, I prefer watching.

emily_oriley | 155 comments Nena wrote: "I watched the anime and loved it!! I'm not much of a manga reader though, I prefer watching."

With animes 9 times out of 10 they are EXACTLY like the manga they're based on with inconsequential differences. Inu Yasha, for example, is like 80% the manga. But sometimes they are FREAKISHLY different like Hellsing or (pre-Brotherhood) Full Metal Alchemist.

message 5: by Nena (new)

Nena | 21 comments Yeah I'm watching Brotherhood right now, I had watched the other version and wow is Brotherhood dark!!! I still love it though :)

emily_oriley | 155 comments Is it? See, I stopped reading FMA manga cause I liked the anime better and Brotherhood is taken DIRECTLY from the managa so I haven't watched it yet.

message 7: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (silver_star08) | 1 comments I really liked the RxJ anime. But wasn't able to find a copy of the manga.I'll have to look for it. I love both manga & anime.

Lauren I have to say I enjoyed watching this anime a lot more than reading the manga. I think there are so many great action scenes it was easier to convey watching.

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