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Central / South America > Cuba and Haiti struggle to recover from Hurricane Sandy

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In the two hard-hit countries, where Hurricane Sandy caused 66 deaths, residents are coping with life without electricity and water. In Santiago de Cuba alone, some 137,000 homes were damaged.

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Robert Zwilling The UN owes Haiti more than they can apparently give them. There are concerns of Cholera causing even more damage.

The world seems to be turning faster or at least time between events seems to be decreasing. Haiti has been a wreck since 2010 and each new storm just adds new destruction making everything worse than before. Haiti needs clean water now, not later. Strange how the faraway world needs more clean water but we seem to be able bypass that fact. We keep opting out of situations that impede our imagined progress. 700 miles away is a place that needs clean water and ways to provide clean water and they need it today. Not after some protracted aid disagreements that will be rationalized long after they are needed.

Don't believe in climate change or you do believe it is a natural function. Do believe but don't believe we need to do anything about it today. Another situation to opt out of for later consideration. After all the poles won't melt for another 50 years, the ocean levels won't rise over night.

What to do when a storm that lasts but a few hours can mimic the same thing as a 20 foot rise in sea level, a real rise with real damage, not something you have to imagine. Maybe the storm was just another storm, but the damage was real, the only real fix is to move anything that can't take the water damage out of harms ways and whatever is rebuilt has to be able to withstand a 20 foot wave. Sewage treatment plants built like bomb shelters with their power sources shielded from flood waters. In fact all emergency back up power sources and regular power systems built to withstand flood waters by being elevated above ground level.

How often does a storm like that happen? Like everything else we will opt out of doing things responsibly, rebuild the cheapest way, forget about Haiti, and keep observing the laws we like and forgetting about the rest. Take a drive down main street and think for a moment, does the way we drive our cars, deciding which laws we will observe or not, have anything to do with how we live our lives and build our dreams. Or just another way to opt out of reality.

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