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"Heroes of The Valley" Ending

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message 1: by Jay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jay Wannablog just wanted to hear people's thoughtson the ending. I didnt really understand the whole bit with teh trows and uncle brodir, and why they didnt talk and they ran away, so if i could get some thoughts on it, it would be nice. Thanks!

Cindy Well as no one gave their thoughts I'll give mine. I think it was a cheap ending to what might have been a decent book. I think there was some idea and thought but the idea didn't get from the mind to the paper very well. Overall a disappointing end to a disappointing book for me.

Meera Srikant I agree, Cindy... At every point I expected it to be allegorical, communicating some deep thought or idea because the story itself was SO basic. Wondered if it was for children! So unlike the trilogy, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

message 4: by Kuruneku (last edited Jul 19, 2014 02:07AM) (new)

Kuruneku The ending confused me as well. There was no supernatural throughout the story until the ending where we get zombies and skeletons that guard the valley.

I'd like to see more of Aud and Halli's stories if the author can pen a sequel.

Craig I think I saw enough of the not so heroic heroes of the valley. May the trolls take them all!

message 6: by Pradini (new)

Pradini Amalia I agree with you all. What's with the freaking living dead thing?! It confused me so bad!

Katherina It was pretty obvious to me, to be honest.
Not the trolls were the dangerous thing about being around the border at night - but the "zombies" that were supposed to be buried to save the people from them. A very ironic thing, proving that Sven did not enclose the whole valley to save it but so that nobody can get out and they have to cook in their olf feuds and quarrels like forever.
It starts as a moralising children book with an archetypical hero, deconstructing the morals and Sven as a hero by and by. First, you just feel uneasy about Sven and have the strange feeling that something is wrong.
Then Sven becomes more and more the unsympathetic guy you just HAVE to hate. And than... BAM... he and the others, who are said to save the valley are the true danger to the valley, invented by the cruel mind of a madman like Sven, opposing a dictatorship of mind on a place centuries after his death.

That's not mainstream literature and pretty daring to write it like that - at least I think so since it seems that not everyone even got Strouds point about it ^^

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