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Will I...?
LAJones LAJones Oct 31, 2012 01:46PM
Hi there people of Goodreads :D
This book looks interessting but I cant get the concept of this book. And will I like it?
I have read all sorts of books I am paticulary interested in things to do with romance and life changing decisions, supernatural, mysteries etc... Can someone please help me Thank you for your time. :D

this book is very awesome you should read it u wont be disappointed :)

i enjoyed it. i can't say that it blew me away but it was a nice book to read over the course of a few hours and it had a nice story to it. there's a lot there that just makes you want to root for certain characters and hope that the ones that aren't 'good' do something to redeem themselves before it's too late.

I have read this book twice now (and then went on to read all of Tammara's books) I think if you enjoy romance and books that cover life changing events then you will thorouhly enjoy this book. Give it a read and let us know your thoughts :)

Sleepy I'm re reading this book for the 3 our 4th time already I love this book!!
Dec 04, 2012 07:31AM

Just read it in 24 hrs. I was good! :)

Really enjoyed this book.

Easy is one of my faves of the year..you will like it:)

If you like to read YA books/teacher student relationship books, then yes, you will enjoy the book. Personally I loved the book and totally fell in love with Lucas's character.

Great book highly recommended.

It's a must read. The story is well written and keeps you wanted to read more. Loved this book!

Great book!
I am sure you will like it because it is difficult not to like!

i did not like this book, i seem to be the only one here who thinks that...

Terri-Lynne Smiles Daydreamer - I thought the book was well written but personally did not care for it either. You are not the only one.
Dec 04, 2012 06:29AM

I loved this book..I eyed it for a while and finally decided to download it to my kindle a couple months ago and I wish I had done it sooner. Great characters and a great easy read.

you know, looking at the cover (and judging it..if I am honest with myself) I thought it would be a cheap easy read (pun not intended) with little but fluff. I'm pleased to tell you thats not the case. It is easy to read, but mostly because it sucks you in with a fast-paced plot, great character development, and real villains. I doubt anyone besides hard-core non-fiction readers would be disappointed in a book like this.

Specifically: Romance, Life-changing decisions, mysteries (are all elements in this book you'll like).

I'm late to the conversation but loved this book! Well written and great characters. Would love to hear if you read it and how you like it!

have to agree with all the comments, this is a fantastic book. the lead characters are all likeable and loveable! I liked everything about this book x

Depends on the kind of book you like. Easy is very well written, but for me, I found the intentional shallowness of the main character in the first third of the novel more annoying than endearing, and I don't care for "issue" books, which this turned out to be. I prefer more of an adventure type novel with interesting ideas about life or human relationships. But that's just me. If you like the kind of book that Easy is, I think you will love it

This book is a great read!! It has all you seem to love except paranormal. It will stay with u, I read this a couple months ago and I am actually rereading it now because it is so good!!

Just finished this book today and I LOVED it!!!!

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