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Alissa | 20 comments Mod
Please respond to at least TWO the following questions:
1. Do you think that Alex an Brittany are actually going to stay together and what makes you think that?

2. If you could change one thing that happened with Alex and Brittany what would you change and why?

3. Do you think Brittany's parents will ever accept that Brittany and Alex are together? Why or why not?

4. If you were in Alex's or Brittany's position what would you have done differently or the same?

5. If you were Brittany how would you feel if your mom was trying to send away your sister?

6. What is your favorite part of the relationship between Brittany and Alex?

7. If you had to pick one character to be who would you pick and why?

Marriah | 6 comments 5: If my mom was trying to send away my sister i would be angry with my mom. i would probably hate my mom if she actually went through with sending her away. I would do what ever it takes to try to stop my mom from sending her away.

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Briezie Duncan (OceanBreez) | 5 comments 4. If I was in Alex's position I would have told brittnay about the bet before things got to serious. I think it would have made things less complicated.

5. If I could be any character I would be any character I would be Paco.(Even with what happened.) I would be Paco because even though he goes through a lot he only lets it affect him to a certain extent. He seems so free and lose and he wasn't afraid to be himself. He was also a great friend. He would do anything for Alex even if it cost him his life, and in the end it did.

Marriah | 6 comments I think that Brittany's parents will never fully accept that her and Alex are in love and will stay together. I think they wont because the way they were tought to think, that the south side people and the north side people are not meant to mix. So when Brittany and Alex got together to them it was something that never should of happened and something that wont last. I think that later on they will come to terms with the fact that Brittany is with Alex but will not accept Alex in to their family.

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