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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1)
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Book Of the Month > November BOTM: SOME GIRLS BITE by Chloe Neill

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Our other Book of the Month for November is SOME GIRLS BITE by Chloe Neill! Please read and discuss below!

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) by Chloe Neill

Michael I was so glad to get a copy from my library! I've read 10 pages, and I'm liking it a lot so far. At the risk of regretting everything I speculate, I'll jot down some first impressions. I don't think I have to label these as spoilers since it's just the first 10 pages, right??:

I like the main character's voice. She has a sense of humor but she is also compassionate, not jaded. I especially liked it when she told Helen it was declasse to turn someone against their will; she obviously sees through the bullshit and tells it like it is. I hope this is her standard routine.

I like the best friend and their interaction. It made everything seem real how they were both basically in tears after the 3 days of AWOL and The Change. Sometimes I buy into the romantic notion of vampires, but I prefer it when characters confirm that, yes, this is a very truamatic experience, emphasis on truama.

I like the writing, it has a sophistication about it that says we are not just a fluffy vampire flick here. Anyone who uses "To wit:" in the first few pages has my vote. My one complaint so far is that the clothing descriptions were a bit unnatural. Not as bad as Anita Blake, but still. (By the time I got to Circus of the Damned, I literally cringed when Anita mused that she "completed the outfit" every time she got dressed.

I'm worried about Ethan and whose green eyes those might be. If Ethan is a romantic interest, then we're going to have to deal with a male/female power imbalance again, and I have been burned by those lately. Who knows, maybe Ms. Neill will surprise me.

Brianna | 64 comments This is a really good book. :D. Need to move forward with this series

Noreen A few months ago I wanted to start a new series and it was a toss up between this series and the Kate Daniels series. I went with the Kate Daniels series (which Is awesome BTW), so this was put on the TBR list. Don't know why I waited so long to start this series but glad I finally picked it up.

Love the main character she is smart, sassy and funny, kind of reserved but no pushover.

Love the whole Pride and Prejudice thing the author has going on with Merit and Ethan, it makes for great romantic tension between the characters and lots of opportunity for Merit to use her sarcastic wit.

Flew through this book and the second in the series and have started book three already. Hope they keep getting better and better.

Kimberly | 92 comments I love Merit! She's spunky, smart, funny, and has a great appetite! I wish I had a grandpa like hers too!

Michael Kimberly wrote: "I love Merit! She's spunky, smart, funny, and has a great appetite! I wish I had a grandpa like hers too!"

Good call on the appetite! It's a refreshing quality for a main female character.

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Juli (Juli_D_Revezzo) I've put in a request for this one at the library. I hope it comes in before the end of the month! *laughs* If not...well, we see. I keep trying though. My library needs more of these books, I guess.

Kaarinedm | 12 comments I have to say that I had seen this series crop up in a few booklists prior but something about the juvenile-ish cover threw me so I kept putting it off.. but, seriously, when they say "dont judge a book by its cover" they must've meant this one.. I think I got pulled into this series rather quickly, completing all published books within a week or so.. would totally recommend this!

Nicole (nike13) Checked out the book through my library at MediaOnDemand.com

I'm with Kaarinedm - I thought the book looked like it was something only younger readers would enjoy but I'm really enjoying this so far. I'm only about 80 pages in but it's really interesting.

Nikki (WithereRose) I'm really enjoying this book so far (on page 200ish) will most likely be finishing it today :) so far it seems highly likely I will continue with the series as well. Love easy interesting reads :) good break from school textbooks :)

Michael I ended up enjoying this book overall, but I did not like the ending! It kept me from rating it above 3 stars. For details, my review is here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

Here are some thoughts on how the book compared to my first impressions from my original post (view spoiler)

I'd be very interested in other people's thoughts as you finish the book!

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Vira Krykus (giraffee) I just finished the latest book in the series. Did not absolutely love it, but did enjoy the easy flow of the story.

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Juli (Juli_D_Revezzo) November 22, and the book finally came in. I'm a little miffed it took so long, but that's the nature of the library. I'll see how far I get through it but so far, ....I don't know. It's too early to say.

Nicole (nike13) Finally finished the book, I liked the story but I kept falling asleep... I mean, I have been working longer hours and I really was interested to find out what happened next but then I'd wake up from a quick nap with the book on my lap.

Still going to check out book 2 :)

Sofia Galvez (SofiaGalvez) i got the audio book from the library. i like the main character but at time i feel like im listening to the history of the vampire world. did anyone else feel the same?

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Juli (Juli_D_Revezzo) It wasn't my cup of tea. I couldn't finish it before I had to return it.

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Vera Maslow I know this is an older post but I just read this book last month. I am not with the majority of liking it here. I thought it was okay. There were just too many things that annoyed me with the characters. For me Merit felt like she was more early 20s then late 20s. I just could not get past the writing. I felt there was too much description of things that weren't part of a world or character build and could have just been left out altogether.
I read about 2 books into this series and probably won't continue into it.

Lauren (MsThestral) Vera wrote: "I know this is an older post but I just read this book last month. I am not with the majority of liking it here. I thought it was okay. There were just too many things that annoyed me with the c..."

I also read this a couple of months ago and wasn't that impressed. I found Merit and Mallory to be very juvenile and found the plot to be quite slow in the beginning.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the world building so decided to continue and am glad I did because book #2 is much better and now I'm on book #3 and enjoying it.

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