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Black Hearted Crow

The ones I love, I wish I don't
I'll only bring them hurt.
While they give me love,
I'll only be able to give them dirt.

Stay away, don't come near me,
You'll only feel deprived.
For in the house of an empty soul,
the child within me writhed.

The figure will come, and take me away
and no one will feel sad.
With dark wings and an indefinate job,
turning the only ones left mad.

The creatures dwell in the darkest of hearts,
which is where my new me will be.
Back to the begining, to the end,
one cut and all will be free.

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Is This Really The End? ((he ended up NOT moving, thankfully))

Is this really the end?
I need you my friend.
Why do you have to go?
The sad truth is, I know.

Your money is short,
But our friendship is long.
Now you say you're leaving me.
Please, don't sing me that song.

I love you,
I need you,
You will always be mine.
If it's truly what you have to do...
Well... fine.

The crying will be silent,
My scarres would be even more.
If I had the money, I'd give it to you,
You will no longer be poor.

Give me the time to find a job,
Give me many weeks.
We don't have the time,
It's what the government seeks.

What used to be two,
Is going to soon become one.
Don't leave me,
We were having so much fun.

A heart for you,
if you stay by my side.
I'll miss you forever,
Just give me one more ride.

I'll do whatever it takes,
To keep you right here.
We'll be forever friends,
I'll miss you Mike, my dear

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Those are rerally good!

Blood Red

Into the blood red sun
Monsters dissapear
Into the blood red sun
All light appears

Into the blood red moon
Dreams become reality
Into the blood red moon
Troubles fall away

To an open
To a close
So close

What to do
And choose
No more darkness
Or no more tears?

How to choose and live
Only one for eternity
Only one for life
Only one to live with

A blood red sun
A blood red moon
Peace and light
Dreams and dark

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Yui (ilovegrendel) | 30 comments Mod
oo-la-la i love it

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

WOW! That's amazingly well writen!

message 6: by A Filthy Youth groupie (last edited Feb 20, 2009 06:35PM) (new)

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Before

Losing my mind
Can't stop this pain
Slipping away
I need some help
You need to try
To stop me
From taking my life
Before it's too late
And I go
To my fate

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omigod! that's... amazing... I'm speechless.
Are you thinking of it??? Or was it something you just wrote??? Please don't kill yourself!!!

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments thanks, and i'm not going to kill myself!

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Thats really good

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments thanks!

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thank god. you worried me.

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Your welcome.

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: )

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message 17: by Leiko (new)

Leiko Xantara (arrogant_protector) ME CONFUSED!

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments about what?

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

how can you be confused Liz???... Lye???

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

sorry, I was thinking of someone else when I wrote that, and I only write what I think, when I think it.

message 21: by A Filthy Youth groupie (last edited Apr 02, 2009 07:08PM) (new)

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments I'm Here

I'm here,
I'm only hanging on
By a thread
Being held here
When I don't want to be
Trying to pull away
But I'm getting very close
To the edge
The edge
Of this cliff
Any closer
And I'll fall
To my fate
Death is better
Better than this
Better than being here
And living
Living a life
I don't want
To live
At all

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Trapped

Trying to breathe
But there's no air
Where I am
Unable to breathe
Losing consiousness
Slipping into oblivion

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Silence

The silence
Loud silence
Too quiet
I can hear
Going crazy
Losing my mind
Lost in the noises
That silence makes

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Loving You in Silence

Unable to say it outloud
Or admit it to myself
My heart's exploding
Surpressed emotions
Rising up
They must be stopped
I want to tell you the truth
How I really feel about you
But for now
I'll keep loving you
In silence

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Yui (ilovegrendel) | 30 comments Mod
I like loving You in Silence and Trapped the most :] wow you're really good!

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Thanks! :D

message 27: by A Filthy Youth groupie (last edited Apr 02, 2009 07:20PM) (new)

A Filthy Youth groupie | 20 comments Passenger Seat

Unable to make any
Any real decisions
For myself
Unable to choose my next move
It's always
Being chosen for me
I'm all alone
Without anyone to believe
Believe that I can
Can make my own choices
And make the right ones
In the passenger seat
From the side
Watching life
Pass me by
And I
I can't stop it
Someone else is driving
And I can't do anything
About it
In the
Passenger seat

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