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In the Arrowheads, there are innitially several major 'districts' or 'Dominant Herds' existing. The backbone that keeps the Herds alive are their minor herds. Each governed by a lead stallion, a dowager (or leadmare). Their second in command, a leutenant stud or delta mare.
In total, these dominant and minor Herds and Bands make up the Western Plains Herds. (North America)

Western Herd;

Northern Band;

Southern Herd;

Eastern Band;

Other Herds that are rarely mentioned/ minor Herds:
Felldown/Dusk Band; Shadow Band

Little Band
Valiant Spirit

Wild Horse herds roam the wilderness of the Free Range, trying not to be captured or eaten by predators. To the North are the Great Mountains, to the East are the vast Plains and beyond that Desert. To the South is the Jungle, and to the West is the Coastline.

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Valiant Spirit trotted around Little Band, taunting Thunderbird. She was ignoring him, and he was getting annoyed. He snorted with frustration and jumped into the air, bucking his back legs, hoping to get her attention. Nothing, not a whiny.

Thunderbird snorted in her head. Why couldn't the stallion leave her alone?

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The air was crisp. The leaves belonging to the trees of the moor's treelines started to melt away into the dirt underneath.

A bay pelt could be seen, many miles away roaming carelessly through the sea of short grasses. His tail high, each lock flailing with the wind, head arched but up high and fearless.

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Thirst spoke to Valiant Spirit, and he reluctantly trotted to the nearby stream. He drank his fill and went to find Thunderbird once more.

Thunderbird took her chance and hid in nearby trees. She would need to be careful in case of lions. She snorted and began to munch on a patch of lush green grass a few steps away.

Valiant Spirit was confused. Where had the mare gone? He tossed his head and stopped the earth. Snorting, he trotted over to a patch of trees and nibbled on their leaves.

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The bay intruder stood his ground, flicking his tail. He had soon noticed this harem of horses, and had already mixed thoughts.

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Valiant Spirit stopped his munching and lifted his snout to the air. Another horse was near. He pawed the ground and snorted, tossing his mane in the air. Nobody would get near his mate.

Thunderbird was also near and felt Valiant Spirit's unease. She too, lifted her head and trotted over to Valiant Spirit, mane bouncing.

He stood his guard next to her, waiting for the new horse to near, head high and nostrils flared.

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The bay roan stallion stood his ground. He was aware of the presence of other horses, this was not his territory, but he dared explore it.

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Thunderbird nickered with irritation while Valiant Spirit reared and kicked out his front legs. He bolted for the other stallion, racing the wind, wind tearing at his mane. His hooves thundered across the ground as he neared.

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the roan stood his ground, pricking his ears and he finally noticed the figure of another horse.

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Valiant Spirit reared again, making his warning noticeable.

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The other reared back in response to the probable threat. He snorted, bobbing his head and backed off a bit. He had a right.. there were horses out there, and he wanted to stay, for whatever the reason.

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Thunderbird whinnied, tossing her mane. Her mate snorted in return to the other male. He was being less dominent; a good sign for Valiant Spirit. He backed up a bit and lowered his head to graze, still keeping his eyes on the roan.

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The bay roan got braver by the long moment. He shook his head, letting his mane flail about. He bucked about, and now an then, lefted a hoof or two towards the source of his curiousity. He flared his nostrils.

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Valiant Spirit was still a little edgy, and when the bay started putting on his own little show, he got defensive. He lifted his head high and flared his own nostrils.

Thunderbird watched the males quarrel for a few moments before returning to her grazing. She still watched from the corner of her eye.

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The braving bay stallion shook his mane, but backed away once he realized his flaring about got the attention of the other stallion. He flared his nostrils and snorted.

He stopped and pawed the ground like saying -Come here, I ain't afraid of you!-

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Valiant reared and began to gallop towards the bay, mane flying, hooves pounding, nostrils wide. He intended to scare the stallion out, but if it came to a fight, he would gladly defend his mate.

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He looked around for a bit, observing the band. It was quite nice, and if he were able to conquer it, it would be a valuable jump-start in creating a bigger herd of his one (ah fff... writing like a fifth greater xD)

He pricked his ears to the other stallion, realizing he had been found. He pinned his ears and backed away slightly.
Soon, he reared up, whinnying and charged for him, barred teeth ready to rip at the other stallion.

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Valiant Spirit had his own teeth bared as he charged at the stallion, hooves pounding and making dust clouds. As he neared, he could feel his heart pounding with adrenaline.

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((where'd you go?))

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((Into the dark abyss, that's where))

The dark bay suddenly stopped, and he pinned his ears. He was silent and motionless, waiting for him to close in.

Within moments though, he quickly darted the other direction.

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He chased the stallion, making sure we stayed away from his mare.

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