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message 1: by W.D. (new)

W.D. Laremore (WDLaremore) | 2 comments This book looks awesome!

message 2: by Fumi (new)

Fumi Hancock (fumihancock) | 3 comments Hello Everyone,

The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell by Fumi Hancock

My name is Fumi Hancock, author of the newly released Young Adult Fantasy & Romance Fiction based in South Africa ~ The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra's Nest.

To officially mark my debut, Nov 15 - 16, 2012 - FREE KINDLE DOWNLOADS. For information, please click here:

I will very much appreciate assistance with reviews.

Thank you.

Anna  (Bananas!) | 758 comments These both look great! Congratulations to you both. Nice job on the covers as well.

message 4: by Fumi (new)

Fumi Hancock (fumihancock) | 3 comments Thank you Anna. I am excited about sharing the Adventures of Jewel Cardwell with the world. As people start to download today Nov 15 and tomorrow- Nov 16, 2012; I look forward to the reviews. Thus far, the reviews have been pleasant. I am grateful for this. Have a terrific day. And dont forget to download your cop at: Hello Everyone... Just checked the FREE DOWNLOAD ON KINDLE. It is on now, please help in passing this along today and tomorrow to people... Thank you.

message 5: by Preston (new)

Preston Morgan (prestonmorgan) Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a second and tell you about Winter Nova, my new epic fantasy novel.

Winter Nova by Preston Morgan

In the book, the city of Greydale fights for survival against the much larger Imperial army. Gavin the Sage is the oldest and wisest man in the city, but he has misinterpreted key prophecies and devised a dubious plan to save his homeland. The more he drives them to find the Seven Crystals, the closer his people move to their utter destruction.

Three talented yet flawed characters join him at the epicenter of the character-driven saga. A forsaken daughter, a reckless soldier, and a fallen hero become his accomplices, and their successes and failures will determine the city’s fate.

In the end, the novel is not a retelling of the classic underdog story, for it’s when Gavin and the others begin to find the lost relics that shocking events unfold.

There is a Goodreads giveaway (ongoing until March 7th), and there will also be further promotions announced on the book’s Facebook page ( in the coming months.

Of course, if you just have to read it right away, the book is available in print at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers. There are also affordably priced e-book versions for the Kindle, Nook, and Apple’s iBook.

Thanks and enjoy

message 6: by Batsap (new)

Batsap | 45 comments Hi, my boyfriend's friend has written a couple of books - a sci-fi crime thriller and an urban fantasy - and she's offering free ebook versions until March 22nd on the website Smashwords.

Touching Madness by K. S. Ferguson

"Light bulbs talk to River Madden; God doesn't. When the homeless schizophrenic unintentionally fractures a dimensional barrier and accidentally steals a gym bag containing a million dollars, everyone from the multiverse police to the local crime boss—and an eight-foot tall demon—are after him. Can he dodge them long enough to correct his mistakes and prevent the destruction of three separate dimensions? If he succeeds, will the light bulbs stop singing off-key?"

The coupon code is: TG65N

Calculated Risk by K.S. Ferguson

"Rafe McTavish, charming self-made businessman, owns the most successful private security firm in the galaxy. Estranged from his family since his wife's bloody suicide fourteen years earlier, he's nevertheless honor-bound to find out why his brother-in-law, CEO of the mega-corporation EcoMech, has placed his reputation and the company's future in jeopardy by purchasing a dilapidated deep-space mining station.

Kama Bhatia, outlaw computer hacker and corporate spy, works for socialistic non-profit corporation Oasis, in opposition to the ruthless mega-corporations that control society. She has a mission of her own at the mining station: retrieve a secret document accidentally leaked to the station manager—before he can sell it to Oasis' rivals. If she fails, Oasis loses its best hope to rescue the masses from under the iron boot of the mega-corporations.

But at the station, the crooked manager is missing, and the locals are far from friendly. Rafe takes a savage beating from miners who blame him and his corporate employers for fraud perpetrated against them. His safety relies on Kama, an ally no fonder of corporate executives than he is of criminals. With their own lives and the welfare of millions at stake, can they put aside their mutual attraction and distrust to unravel fraud, blackmail, and murder before the tide of violence overtakes them?"

Coupon code: NY88L

She's not getting many reviews for her stuff, so it would be super-awesome if you could review it please, if you have the time. Thanks!

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