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message 1: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
This question has two layers: Which type do you like more in books; the jerk or the sweet, and are your tastes the same in real guys?

I've been wondering lately what kind of character would you chose in REAL LIFE? I know a lot of girls swoon over jerks (and I'm not usually one of them), but would you really like to date one of those jerks in real life?
Personally, I really like the sweet guys.
That's not to say I won't like the occasional (or not so occasional nowadays) jerk in literature, considering I tend to root for the guy the main character will obviously end with, but I never thought of dating that kind of character in real life.
Do you?

message 2: by Adeeb (new)

Adeeb (adeebn) | 20 comments Lol I wouldn't know since I'm a guy. But I laugh at girls who love jerks haha

message 3: by Bian (new)

Bian | 61 comments I like sweet guys in books but if I had to take a look at real life I'd say my boyfriend is a jerk (most of the time, not always).

message 4: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Really Bianca? That's really interesting. Is your boyfriend at least hot? (the redeeming feature of every jerk-ish character in books?) LOL

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Oh my gosh I have no clue. Like Vampire diaries -the tv show- it's always do confusing cause Damon is hot (So is Stefan, but I like guys with black hair) but he makes the worst choices. It's hard to chose though, every moment she's with one of them I'm yelling (mentally) "chose him!"

message 6: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Haha, really? But in real life, if you had a how "bad boy" jerk and a hot sweetheart of a guy (cause lets face it, they're always BOTH hot), which one would you go for?

message 7: by Bian (last edited Nov 22, 2012 03:02AM) (new)

Bian | 61 comments He's very hot >_<. Foreign boys usually are... I'd say 40% jerk 60% nice guy. He did drive me to another campus to get a book for my thesis once.

message 8: by Morgan (new)

Morgan I'd have to say like Bianca. Because nice guys can get a little over bearing. While jerks, well they're just jerks.

message 9: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
I'd rather a nice guy myself. But a mix might be good :]

Ha, Bianca's got a hot boyfriend? I envy you! xD I've got no boyfriend :/

message 10: by Bian (last edited Nov 22, 2012 08:58AM) (new)

Bian | 61 comments Put it this way, I needed to fend off an entire department of undergrad girls.

message 11: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
Yes, you do xD

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 6 comments Definitely sweet, but not wimpy. Sweet with a backbone. Sweet with you but a bit rough around the edges. Jerks can be fun for a bit, but the sweet ones are the ones that stick.

message 13: by Nitzan, A Certified Bookaholic (new)

Nitzan Schwarz (NitzanAfterwords) | 671 comments Mod
I agree Jessica!

message 14: by Jon (new)

Jon (jon17) | 144 comments Morgan, in Vamp Diaries, who is the jerk and who is the sweet? I don't even know anymore... :-/

message 15: by Tanjlisa (new)

Tanjlisa Marie (TanjlisaMarie) | 21 comments Well that's kind of a trick question since both (jerk or sweet) are a subjective viewpoint. Case in point: Back in my dating days, I would always attract the guys who others thought were jerks. But I never viewed them as jerks; they just had really strong personalities.

message 16: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments Jerks because I dated nice guys during high school and after but they were sometimes suffocating. They always needed attention. So started dating jerks. I was able to find one that was little of both.

message 17: by Jon (new)

Jon (jon17) | 144 comments What are some "jerky" things he does?

message 18: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments Trying not to make him look like a huge jerk. He would refuse to take me out in public if I'm wearing an outfit he doesn't like. Their not slutty looking, he just doesn't like how they look on me. He doesn't like baby tees.

message 19: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments I should add that I used to just wear anything cheap and would go out mismatched all the time. Example knee length socks that are multi striped with a long black skirt and a blue uniform shirt with black sneakers.

So in a way don't blame him for it.

message 20: by Jon (new)

Jon (jon17) | 144 comments He doesn't like baby tees at all or just the ones you own? And that outfit you described sounds like it could turn out to be pretty cool; depends.

message 21: by Nyssa (new)

Nyssa | 43 comments He doesn't like them at all. He doesn't think they look good on any woman. I thought the outfit looked cool, but nobody else did.

message 22: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Curry  (MaggieCurryBookDragon) I generally go for the sweet guy rather than the jerk. Jerk characters tend to irritate me. In real life as well, I prefer the mostly sweet guys to the jerky ones. I don't mind a little bit of edge, but he better not be an ass if he hopes to attract me! :)

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