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um, i've been informed that it would be best to give Lavon and Ayla's characters away because their mom won't let them back on. :(
here is some characters that can be given away,tell me if you want them

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Name: Joe
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Hair: Rich brown
Eyes: Sparkly blue
Skin: Natural tan
Style: You know, boy stuff
Personality: Funny, cute, sweet, thoughtful
Dad: Sir. Ray Burgermyster
Mom: Ayla T. Burgermyster
Sisters: Baby twins Sunny and Nichole
Pets: Golden retrievers,(Holly, Samuel, Sandy)goat,(Leafa)14 ducks, 2 geese
Home:Nice house on hill in salmon hatchery

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Name:Fay Jonas
Family:Mom-Miley Cyrus(older), Dad-Nick Jonas(older), sister-Ayla
Country/state:She lives in Malibu Californa
Appearance:Shoulder length flame red hair, spiky. Wild gold eyes. Tiny tiny girl, very very small build, and very very fair skin. She wears fun, colorful clothes, very outgoing. Her makeup style is plum eyeshadows and peach lip gloss.
Personality:Outgoing, bubbly, flirtatious, kind, graceful, stylish, whimsical, amazing, funny, smart, and very very... unique.
Other:She has a orange ferarri. Very, very fast!
Pet(s):She has a white, medium furred, girl cat named Missy, she has light grey ear tips and paws.
Favorite color:Scarlet red

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Name: Ayla T. Bucket
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Hair(when content): Rich brown, elbow length, strait
Hair(when surprised): Shimmery light blue, butt length
Hair(when sad): Washed out brown
Hair(when scared): Black, shoulder length, shaggy
Hair(when romantic): Rich purply red
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Natural tan
Style: Funky, fun, confident
Personality: Happy, up-to-beat, fun, thoughtful, great mother
Husband: A funny sweet wise man(someone? She needs a husband, some time...)
Kids: The oldest a 5 year old boy named Joe, the youngest baby twins Sunny and Nichole(well, so I plan...)
Pets: A female golden retriever named Holly, two of Holly's pups named Samuel and Sandra D., a goat for milking named Leafa, 15 ducks, 2 geese
Dad: Manager of a salmon hatchery
Mom: Manager's wife
Home: A nice house near her parents' with a wrap around porch(NOT A SPIDER PORCH! I CAN'T HANDLE SPIDER PORCHES! I WILL NOT LET MY HOUSE HAVE A SPIDER PORCH!) ... and a nice yard for her kids(and herself) to play in.

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Name: Angel
Age: 18
Gender: Female
City: Sitka
State: Alaska
Appearance: Nice brown eyes black hair tan skin loves to wear like almost balk close just dark colors.
Boyfriend: Drake

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I'll b Fay

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ok, copy Fay's stuff then paste it in the characters folder. i'll delete when lavon posted it.

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If someone else is gonaa be fay, my guy's getting a new gf

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lol, fine by me

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