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Anything lost in translation?

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Laura Inlow I'm not finished reading the book, but I've noticed so far that something isn't as funny about reading his jokes as watching him physically say them. Something gets lost when I can't see his facial expressions or hear his voice. I guess that's why there are so many little pictures of him throughout the book. Am I the only one?

(Note: I still think it's funny. Just not as funny.)

Craig I agree. While reading the book I'm consciously imagining his voice in my head, otherwise it loses much of the intended humor. The pictures definitely help. Using the margins and footnotes for jokes reminds me of The Word, and adds that extra something which separates it from the Daily Show.

So far, very funny!

Diane I agree to an extent, but I do get an image of Colbert doing his schtick as I'm reading the book. I found I couldn't read too much at one sitting. If I did, it got tedious. I had the same problem with Jon Stewart's book.

Jennifer This book certainly had its audacious, hilarious moments. Its hard to believe Stephen Colbert really said all of that address at the White House correspondents' dinner in 2006. Pretty cool.

However, I do agree most of it was tedious and redundant. And Colbert's fake/clueless broadcaster aesthetic was missing in the written word and had to be added in through sporadic pictures. But of course it wasn't the same.

Karen The audio version is way better than the written version. If you enjoy The Colbert Report but found the book grew old real quick, I highly recommend getting the audio book. Really makes a big difference!

Karen I'm totally seconding this. it's rather a book meant to be in audio format. Which, yes, is rather a contradiction.

Brody Lord of the undead maybe it should be made into a TV show!.......oh wait......

Heather i had a feeling the audio version would be better. not that i don't like to read, although certainly stephen doesn't encourage it. but karen's right. this book was meant to be read *aloud*.

Diana yeah it did get repetitive and i started to read this book like i would a serious essay if i weren't careful

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Al- A friend, who does not own a tv, lent me this book. I love it, I think it is hilarious. What I don't understand, is how she can find it funny when she's never seen the show???

I've found that if I read more than one chapter at a time, it isn't quite as funny, cause I can hear him in my mind while reading...maybe I can't keep up imagining that longer than a chapter at a time.

whichwaydidshego Diane (and Al), I'm with you. It's all really funny, but really only when read in bits. Otherwise my mind just goes to this novel-like mode... as if it is a story or something.

I didn't get this for ages, yet every single time I picked it up in a bookstore (a regular occurrence) I would be laughing loudly at whatever spot I happened to open up to - like the kind of laughing that doesn't stop after an initial chuckle. Maybe I just need to read it like that!!

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Actually this book is perfect for when you're pissed off at something and need a good laugh. I've been taking it in bits and pieces and nothing makes me laugh harder. Great book. But thanks to all the review about getting the audio version. I'll check it out.

All in all, great book when you want to read something light and not serious at all, but you want to laugh. Great read.

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Lisa I agree. Yon need Steven's spot on delivery for it to be super funny.

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