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The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time, #8)
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The Wheel of Time > PATH of DAGGERS - Planning to Read? First Impressions? *NO SPOILERS*

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message 1: by Jon (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments We take our first step on The Path of Daggers on All Saints' Day (or Samhain) and into the late middle-series sprawl we've all been dreading. At least this book is shorter (only 528 pages in the ebook edition I'm re-reading) and contains just thirty-one chapters (plus a prologue). I've split the reading up into seven or eight chapter chunks per week for November.

Let us know if you'll be joining us and what your impressions are as we begin the eighth book in the Wheel of Time series.

message 2: by Jon (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments I will join a couple of days late, as I want to finish a couple of other book club reads before devoting the lion's share of my reading time back to Path of Daggers.

message 3: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Fountain | 2 comments Wish I had found this months ago, I just started rereading the series for January's release of AMoL

message 4: by Jon (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments Joshua wrote: "Wish I had found this months ago, I just started rereading the series for January's release of AMoL"

So happy you found us. Jump into any of the discussions (past or present). I'm monitoring all of them.


message 5: by Lee (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) I have given up. The last book was 'the straw that broke etc'

I have found the story has become tiresome and to be quite frank; boring. Really very little has happened in the last two maybe three books. We spent hours upon hours going over the same things. The characters have completely stopped developing, there is nothing new at all. As you can tell, I am done.

Matt (mjmac85) | 2 comments Looking to get back into this series after a good amount of time off. I believe this is the book I left off on. Otherwise I have some catching up to do.

Evilynn | 68 comments I have to say Path of Daggers was a quicker read than I expected. Possibly because it's a "short" WOT book. ;) So hang in there!

message 8: by Kathi, There’s no such thing as too many books! (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kathi | 408 comments Mod
I'm less than a month behind now, starting this book soon.

Gianluca (GianlucaG) I hope you don't mind if I jump into the conversation like this, but I just joined this group.

I have finished The Path of Daggers a few days ago and I have to say, it's probably the weakest book in the series so far.
I liked it though! It's pretty slow, even by WoT standards, but not nearly as boring as some people claim. At least not in my opinion.
It's definitely not as enjoyable as the previous novels (more due to the abundance of annoying characters, rather than the relative lack of action), but thankfully it's shorter than the rest of the books.

Anyways, I'm halfway through Winter's Heart and I can safely say that it's already considerably better that The Path of Daggers.

Heidi | 71 comments I'll be starting this book in a few days. I think the thing that will make it less boring for me is that I've only read it once before (unlike the previous books which I've re-read a few times) so I don't remember as much.

Helen | 767 comments Started this morning, hoping to speed through as it is so short - for WoT.

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