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Have you found good books at thrift stores?

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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 2 comments I checked out a local Value Village just for fun yesterday and found a spiffy copy of all the Sherlock Holmes stories as originally published in Strand Magazine. What have you found?

message 2: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (littletinypieces) | 2 comments I found a 1919 edition of Homer's Odyssey in a second hand bookshop in London once. Although, it is a difficult edition to read it has great sentimental value.

message 3: by Jodie (new)

Jodie (jodiemill) There's a great store near me in Douglassville, PA called Gently Used Books. They take trade-ins & then give you store credit on future purchases. I've already been there twice in the last month. I love it!

message 4: by Meirav (new)

Meirav Rath | 13 comments I found my beloved Empire of the Sun in a thrift store, and Raj, The Mint and The Lives of the Romans in an artist's garage sale.

message 5: by Bliss (new)

Bliss (blissreads) | 16 comments Yes! I'm getting about 98% of my books there now. :-)

I've found all my favorites authors at the thrift store and I'm thankful. My obsession with buying books has really gotten out of hand in the past few years. If I wasn't buying at the thrift store, I'd be living in my car by now.

message 6: by pop (new)

pop Yes, you can, depending on what you mean by good. I've even found some rare specimens, those went on Ebay, I then donated the proceeds to the very charity that ran the thrift store. At one flea market, I discovered a person selling a 100 year old or so signed first edition, though I wasn't acquainted with the name of the author, rather than pay the couple bucks she wanted, I pointed it out to her, telling her that it might indeed be very valuable, I couldn't in good conscience buy it to make a profit off of. Since she wasn't a seller that was there all the time, I'd have had no way to find her if indeed it did turn out to be something worth a lot. It was certainly worth more than the couple bucks she wanted.

message 7: by Sally (new)

Sally Ha ha! I should be living in my car, too. Good thing my husband is not on this site. He knows I always stop at book stores when I leave the mountains. My buying is out of hand, too. I find I am sometimes hiding the books I buy from my husband unless they are from a thrift store. But then, I think he hides when he is buying things for his Harley Davidson. Those of you who know my sweet husband, don't tell him! :-)

message 8: by David (new)

David Sakrison (sakrison) | 5 comments One of my big finds for 2007 is an 1876 edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, for $20 at the local "rummage" shop.
I love library book sales. I always prowl through the "decorative" book section. In October, I found an 1850 edition of Emerson's Essays and, in December, an 1883 memoir called "Seven Days in a Pullman Car." Those two cost me $2 apiece. I've also picked up pre-1900 books on manners, business management, an 1821 analysis of the French Revolution, and some wonderful fiction--all for under $5 a book.

No worries,

message 9: by Salma (new)

Salma Well, I'm cheating a little here, because I found "Bob Dylan: A Retrospective" in my friend's basement- though I think it could have passed for a thrift store. I think the book is out of print now, so that was a pretty good find.

message 10: by Shasta (new)

Shasta | 9 comments I work at a local used-bookstore (does that count???), anyhow recently someone traded a first edition Moby Dick (in excelent condition!!!) and I was able to take it home for no cost (great benifits workin here!!!). I'm sure if I was more knowledgable about classics I could majorly score, because we have tons of first edition books at the store, but I only take the ones I will even if I had to pay for them, they are only 1/2 of the cover price or 50 cents w/o a cover price!!!

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate | 18 comments We have a used bookstore in my town, but I don't get there very often. That said, I have found some good things in the thrift stores near where I work. I bought a first-edition hardcover of Tom Wolfe's "I Am Charlotte Simmons" for $2. I thought it was a good find.

message 12: by Jo (new)

Jo | 6 comments I look, but the books are usually tossed about and in such poor condition I am usually grossed out. Yet I love used book stores...
Clearly, I am going to the wrong places

message 13: by Denise (new)

Denise I don't get to any thrift stores or yard sales anymore (I walk with a walker and it is too difficult), most bookstores are out too (used or new) but in the past I have bought books at all of the above. One of my favorite memories when I was a kid, we lived way out in the country and didn't get into "town" very often. I would save up my allowance (10 cents for a while then it jumped to 50 cents) and when we went to town I would go to the Salvation Army. They sold hardback books back then for 10 cents each. I don't remember paperbacks being there. Anyway, if I had a dollar they would let me get 10 books--they didn't charge me tax. Now that I am an adult I assume that the cashier put in the tax money from his/her own pocket so that I could get 10 books. By no means were these collectable and there were no dust jackets but I loved them anyway. Sometimes I would want a new book of one of the series that I liked (Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Belden, Cherry Ames Nurse, etc) so I would go to Woolworths. These books sold for 59 cents. I wish I still had those kids books, I see them in used bookstores and they aren't 59 cents anymore!

message 14: by LuAnn (new)

LuAnn I shop thrift stores often and will always head for the book shelves. I've purchased many of my TBRs there and have found some great finds.

message 15: by Mont'ster (last edited Dec 19, 2009 08:48PM) (new)

Mont'ster | 58 comments I don't know *how many* books I have picked up over the years from a neglected shelf in a Goodwill or Salvation Army or some other "thrift store".
I can remember that (on more than one occasion) I would leave one of these stores with a large bag full of paperback books for only $5 or $6!
Of course there wasn't a huge selection but thats why almost nobody else would bother to look there!!

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah McCoy Isaacs (sheologian) I find that it's hit or miss - if I see something I like after scanning the first few shelves, then I will take the time to look through all of them... I figure someone didn't donate just one "good" book, so if I have found something worth buying, there's usually something else there worthwhile. I either leave with nothing or with a handful of books.

That being said, some of my most treasured books have come from Goodwill stores or are hand-me-downs from family members.

message 17: by Rebecca (last edited Dec 28, 2009 07:03AM) (new)

Rebecca (bd200789) Almost all of my books are from thrift stores. My local store holds sales every once in a while where you can get a bag of items for $2. When I see they're having a sale like that, I always get at least one bag of books. I don't even look at anything else in the store.

message 18: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Winslow (jessewinslow) | 4 comments We have a Goodwill Books only store down the street and every time I find something worthwhile. Recently I picked up the entire Redwall series for $5. I also found the entire series of Brittanica's Great Books in mint condition (1992 version). I should've bought the whole set, but I only bought the 4 I wanted to read right away. The whole set was around $50.

message 19: by Des (new)

Des | 7 comments i bought my copy of The Trial by Kafka for 20 pesos back home, that's like 50 cents. back then i never knew i would be interested in the book but it was the only thing i brought with me from my helped me during the first few days away from home.

message 20: by LuAnn (new)

LuAnn I always shop the second hand stores for books when we travel. I love to see what books interest people in other areas. And, of course, I'll find a few to buy myself! I particularly like the thrift stores that cater to a charity. It's a fun way to support the work of others in this tough economy today.

message 21: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Winslow (jessewinslow) | 4 comments Ok, my wife just had the greatest find at the local thrift store. I had given away a book as a gift that I really liked not realizing that it was so valuable. I was getting ready to pony up $80 for a HC copy of this book in fair condition on alibris when my wife surprised me with a mint condition HC with sleeve and all from the Goodwill. She paid $1 for it. The book "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" by Harry Browne. I'm not giving this one away.

message 22: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley I found The Shadow of the Wind and it is one of my favourite books. You can find real bargains and books you usually wouldn't read or out of print.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Jesse wrote: "We have a Goodwill Books only store down the street and every time I find something worthwhile. Recently I picked up the entire Redwall series for $5. I also found the entire series of Brittanica'..."

wow your lucky i wish that we had a goodwill books i can't find to many good ones at our goodwill but i have this bookstore that i go to it is called the book nook it has all of the old books for cheap and the new ones it is great because you can also give them your books that you have read and they will give you a credit.

message 24: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Winslow (jessewinslow) | 4 comments Denise wrote: "Jesse wrote: "We have a Goodwill Books only store down the street and every time I find something worthwhile. Recently I picked up the entire Redwall series for $5. I also found the entire series ..."

Denise, you should check with our local Goodwill and see if they have any bookstores in the area. I know here in So.Cal. they have at least 5 or 6 and they are supposed to be in every major city by now.

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