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The Wintermen

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D.A. Schneider (derekaschneider) | 5 comments Mod
The Wintermen Seasons Change Series Book 2 of 4 Frank Writeman's search for his son, Jack leads him to New York City, a major hot spot for unclaimed vampires. He soon partners up with Dr. Harold Robinson, a mentally unstable werewolf hunter, in an effort to find his son before the mysterious Wintermen, a race of mutated vampires who want to claim Jack for their own growing ranks. With Frank's fragile probation with the werewolves and Harold's tendency to shoot everything in sight, Jack's chances of being rescued grow more unlikely with every passing day.

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Jason | 3 comments This was an amazing read. When does the next part come out? What will it be called? What's it about?

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D.A. Schneider (derekaschneider) | 5 comments Mod
Book three will be out later this year, possibly as early as August. I do have a title, but nothing is written in stone on that yet, so I have to hold back before I reveal it. This book focuses on the werewolves and their plot to take over the world and I also introduce two new characters to the group, both of whom are witches. This one is full throttle from beginning to end.


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