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Sam Begin; Try to make it at least 2-3 lines with details. Anything less lets the rp die.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Aiobhan walked around the streets of Manhattan. Sh hated this life and she hated the city so why did she stay? All the food. And no one notices when a couple people go missing. At least not enough to raise suspicion.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Nix strode through the streets, she had just fed and she could still taste the bitter-sweet taste of blood in her mouth. She hated the loud noises that surrounded her, with her hearing it was deafening.

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Sam Elizabeth wrote: "Nix strode through the streets, she had just fed and she could still taste the bitter-sweet taste of blood in her mouth. She hated the loud noises that surrounded her, with her hearing it was deafe..."

((got to comment whether you read the rules or not before you post in an rp.))

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She was unable to pay attention. She hated the cities, they were always the loudest. Nix dodged into an alley way as a person was walking by. She had not had time to wash herself from her last kill. She had blood covering her hands and her face.

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Niklaus was strolling through the city his bright eyes darting around to make sure he wasn't being followed. He had been told his father was killed, which was good for him. Now his father could not attempt to kill him, it was a long history for them. Not a pleasant one either. He had left the small town, Mystic Falls unable to stay there another minute. The girl that captivated him, so full of light and beauty, was with his hybrid and he couldn't seem to shake them apart. He knew that was his cue to leave. Shaking his head to come back to reality he almost ran into a young woman and realized he had wandered into a alley way.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Nix stepped back, startled as she was almost run into. "Sorry" she muttered. She kept her face down, with her hood pulled up to conceal her face. She had brought her sleeves over her hands. If she could just get home and wash the blood off everything would be alright.

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Niklaus froze tilting his head to the side, he could smell the blood on her, it was fresh too. He took a step back to look at her, she looked small and she was off guard. "My apologies love." He said softly his accent was strong. His eyes flickered for a brief moment then went back to normal.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She kept her eyes down, she went to walk around him.

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Swiftly his arm shot out to stop her. Niklaus locked his eyes on her. "In a rush dear?" He asked, his voice lacking emotion. It had been a while since he had seen a fellow vampire.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) Nix stared at his arm holding her in place. Another freaking weirdo who was going to attack her in an alley way, classic. She yanked her arm away "maybe, either way I am walking away."

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Niklaus raised an eyebrow in amusement. A vampire actually standing up to him, that was new. His fingers tightened around her arm a smirk spreading across his handsome face. "Now, you wouldn't want to be rude now would you?" He asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Fine, do whatever you what. I don't care" she said as she stopped struggling. She had nowhere to be anyways. She figured the guy would try to hurt her in some way, she would kick his ass and find a nice place to stay for the night.

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Niklaus frowned dropping her arm and studied her carefully. "Now why would I try to hurt you sweetheart?" He asked, slightly bored. They usually didn't give up so easily, thats what made it fun for him. He smirked as he waited for her reaction.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "I don't know" she answered back truthfully. she saw no point in hiding the blood she thought maybe he would be scared by it or something and leave her alone. She looked up at him. He did not seem like one of the people who attacked people in alleyways. He seemed too well dressed for that. Her red eyes seemed to glow in the dark light as she observed the stranger.

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"Thats what you were thinking...or maybe you were thinking you would just kick my ass and find somewhere to chill for the night." Niklaus said with an amused tone. He loved playing games with people, especially other vampires who had no idea who he was or what he was capable of. It was very entertaining, and why not he had nothing to lose. He met her eyes not startled or surprised by the blood and her red eyes.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She just blinked at him. She did not care anymore. She just stood there waiting for whatever he was going to do.

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He frowned again, he was growing bored quickly. She had no fight in her and that was disappointing to him. He stepped back the veins under his eyes were moving. He could feel it, he knew he was hungry. He hadn't killed since he left Mystic Falls, and his love behind. Niklaus growled quietly, since when did he ever feel remorse?

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She also came to a realization. When did she stop caring about life, she was this because she chose life over death. Now she was just pitiful. She knew the exact moment when it happened. She tried to collect her thoughts. She was absent-mindedly running her fingers on the scars that lined her arm.

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Niklaus closed his eyes concentrating. The veins under his eyes returned back to normal. He let out a huge sigh, he was letting her get under his skin. How was that possible? She was miles away, and yet she was making him...feel. He couldn't feel...he couldn't was a vampires greatest weakness. He stepped back towards the girl in front of him. "Is that how you were turned love?" He asked softly, trying to keep his emotions at bay.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "I was turned for no more reason other then a vampire turned me" she answered, hardly surprized from finding out he was a vampire. She dropped her hands to her sides.

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Niklaus raised his eyebrows as he crossed his arms in front of him. "There's always a reason dear." He said with a smirk. How cute, she thought he was just a vampire. He was one of the oldest vampires around and the strongest.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Well you can go find the freaking guy and ask him yourself" she snapped. She was growing impatient, she was not used to having to talk to people.

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Niklaus laughed amused, the smirk on his face only growing wider. "Well aren't we fiesty?" He stated, pushing her. He could sense her impatience, her anger. There we go, finally getting something out of this one, he thought.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Is this conversation going anywhere?" she asked blandly. She stared past him. Maybe he will kill me she thought. She didn't think it mattered. She looked at him expectantly waiting for and answer

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Niklaus emitted a quiet growl annoyed with her attitude. "Do you have a death wish?" He asked impatiently. He narrowed his eyes at her trying to figure it out.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Maybe I do" she said. She stood casually, waiting for something to actually happen.

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In less than a second, Niklaus had his hand wrapped around her throat. He slammed her into the wall, tightening his grip. Now he was angry, it didn't take that much for him to lose his temper. Growling his eyes boring into hers. "Still want to die?" He demanded more persistently this time.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Still willing to kill?" she asked her eyes looking past him. She seemed distant almost hollow. "Funny how vampires just snap like that. It doesn't take much to get them mad" she smiled.

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Niklaus got a crazy smirk on his face. He laughed, but it was emotionless and hollow sounding. "I've killed thousands sweethearts, I have no remorse I promise you that." He said, his eyes glowing. Between him and his siblings, he was the ill-tempered one, he had quite a temper on him. "I'm no ordinary vampire young one." He said snarling, tightening his grip on her throat.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She hardly reacted to the lack of air. She smiled "You are just like the others. Your anger controls you" she said confidently. "Your no better then the rest" she muttered knowing she would most likely die at his hands, in this dark, gloomy alleyway. Not that she could think of a better place to die.

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He narrowed his eyes at the girl in front of him, he didn't like her reaction. Niklaus glared at her disgusted, who did she think she was to act like she knew what he was? He was the oldest vampire alive, nobody was stronger than him. He dug his nails into her neck, why was he stalling? "You don't know me, nobody knows me...except one." He growled at the all too pleased vampire who he could easily kill in a heartbeat.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "You've met one you've met them all. There is only so many heartless cruel vampires you can meet before realizing they are a type" she felt his nails digging into her skin. "So I guess this is a test. If you kill me then you are just like the others."

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He shook his head laughing bitterly. "You talk like you know everything, but when you've been around as long as I have.."He trailed off his eyes landing back on her. He wanted to kill her, he really did, but that soft voice was nagging at him to let her go. He growled quietly. Damn her, she has a powerful affect on me even when I am nowhere in distance of her!

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) She closed her eyes preparing for death. Her mouth curved in a faint smile. She actually looked at peace. "When you live as long as vampires do, you learn life isn't what you wanted after all" she finished his sentence.

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Niklaus dropped her on the ground hard still angry. "I used to think that way...until I stopped and thought for a while." He said quietly closing his eyes a brief second before they shot open again. "I wanted to travel the world, see its beauty and all it has to offer." He had a faint smile as he recalled an almost-similar conversation with the girl back home.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "The world has nothing left. Eventually you grow tired of watching it die" she muttered not bothering to pick herself up off the ground. She felt her airway open again, she could breath again. "I guess you passed" she whispered.

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He smoothed his hair back taking a calming breath. "The world has plenty to offer, you just have to know where to look." He mused cocking an eyebrow. He flexed his fists stretching his fingers. "Well good for had nothing to do with you.."He added.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "If the entire meaning of your life is ever destroyed you might not feel the same. Or maybe you would" she said standing up. She kept her eyes to the ground. She took in a deep breath of air catching the smell of a person. A man was walking by the alleyway, Nix grabbed him. She slammed him up against the wall of the alley. Before he could even scream she tore his vocal chords out. She greedily sucked him dry, letting him drop to the ground. She closed her eyes savoring the taste. She had forgotten Niklaus was even there. When she opened her eyes she was surprized to find he hadn't left yet.

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Niklaus raised an eyebrow with a tilt of his head. He caught the smell of the human, but it didn't appease to him. He liked to go for the young terrified girls, it was more fun for him. Curiously he watched as she fed, she was different then most vampires he had ever come across. He on the other hand loved to hear his victim's cries of protest, or their screams for him to stop. A look of amusement crossed his face as she finished feeding and looked back at him. "The entire meaning of your life? Darling, my own father stabbed me and my siblings in the heart to turn me into the monster I am."

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Like I said, no meaning" she looked down at the body at her feet. It was like she suddenly became aware of the fact that she fed. She licked her lips, tasting the bitter blood. she closed her eyes, savoring the taste. She wiped her face with her sleeve. She gave him one last look before she began walking down the sidewalk again.

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Niklaus's face grew dark as he looked at her. His face was blank, no emotion just the way it should be. He easily caught up to her. "You're quick to judge." He stated simply.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "My judgement would only matter if you cared about my opinion" she said pulling her hood up. She continued walking at a face pace.

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"Its not whether I care about your opinion or not sweetheart." He said quickening his pace. Niklaus was not used to being eluded.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Then what is it. You don't care what I think yet you want me to have a good opinion of you. When you bring up a notion with some sense in it perhaps I will reconsider" she said quickening her pace more.

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He cocked an eyebrow as he quickened his pace even more. She had some spunk in her, and an attitude. "I never said I wanted you to have a good opinion of me. No one does, and why should they? The last town I was at..."He trailed off, he was not going to get into that.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Then why do you care if I judge you?" she asked again. Not that she expected and answer, perhaps he would just evade all her questions. Could just stop talking?

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Niklaus was starting to grow impatient, this was the longest he had talken to someone since he left Mystic, Georgia. "Once again, I don't care if you do judge me. But apparently you don't like the company." He said irritated.

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (DeAtH_oF_tHe_ReBeLz) "Who enjoys the company of people who try to kill them?" she said rolling her eyes. She knew that her talking in circles was aggravating him. At one point in her life she might have actually enjoyed know that, now she did not care.

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Niklaus snickered quietly had her little comment. "Oh come on sweetheart, it was just a causality." He smirked, he didn't know what to make of this one.

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