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The Fate Of Gale Hawthorne: The Young Man Who Fell In Love With The Girl On Fire!!
Anna Anna Oct 29, 2012 07:45PM
I'll get a whole heck of a lot of hate for posting this discussion but I personally find that the ending was disappointing because you never truly know what happened to Gale Hawthorne..which is kinda sad in a way because he was the first young man who truly cared about Katniss and what people would like to ignore is that he took care of her family as well as his when she was in the games and what does he have to show for it? Nothing. She doesn't even thank him..I mean it isn't easy to feed two families at the same time. Plus he is really cute, nice, polite, witty, clever and he's very much like a big brother to Katniss. Whatever did she do to deserve his trust and love is beyond me!

So tell me your options but keep it nice.

I loved Gale as well, and it completely tore me up when we never got to know what exactly happened to him after the war had ended. However, I understand WHY he couldn't stay. It wasn't just because of the whole Prim thing. He did not kill her. Anyone who thinks that needs to reread the books and watch the movies. He thought of Prim just as he thought of Posy-a little sister. I believe it was the war that ultimately drove a giant wedge between them. They wanted different things. Katniss didn't want to be the Mockingjay. She didn't want to fight. She just wanted everything to hurry up and figure itself out, while Gale was the complete opposite. He let his hatred for the Capitol take over and he completely obsessed over the war.

That being said, a part of me likes to imagine that he somehow ran into Annie at some point, and they got together. It makes me heartbroken that Annie lost Finnick, and it makes me even more sad to think that she would have spent a life of solitude. That being said, in some ways, Gale reminds me of Finnick, only in that he is a fighter and protects the people he loves. I think he would have the patience to wait on Annie, and I also believe he could come to love her as much as possible. I don't think Annie could love him at the same amount (let's face it, no one could ever replace Finnick in her life), but I think given time, she could learn to care about people again, and open up.

To be honest, I was happy that Katniss ended up with Peeta rather than Gale, because throughout the novels I began to like him less and less as he and Katniss grew up and apart. In Mockingjay, when Gale thinks up the death traps for the Nut workers, and all the bombs, you can see this hatred for everything inside the pair that makes them too bitter and angry to ever be happy together. However, I too was quite sad that we never found out what happened to Gale, as I never blamed him for Prim's death - he never meant for her to die. I think that our lack of knowledge of his end actually makes this ending better than most, though. Because Suzanne Collins didn't desperately try to tie up the lose end for characters like other authors might have, she once again made it more lifelike and more poignent than other book endings. We lose people we care about, not only to death, but also to the ways of the world, and this ultimately highlights the fact that through it all, even with his insanity, Peeta never left Katniss, and he is the only charcter who never truly does.

I loved Gale. I loved him to bits and it broke my heart that he was just given a crappy ending like that, but I don't think I would have felt better if Katniss was with him. She needed Peeta. Honestly, before Madge died, I hoped that there would be a Madge and Gale.

I completely agree that the whole thing about Gale gone kinda upset me but i wouldn't want to be around him because he would constantly remind me of Prim so even though they grew up together and he did help her family in the end i did miss gale. I did love Gale but I think everything happened for the better.

Jettcatt (last edited Jan 18, 2013 01:40PM ) Jan 18, 2013 01:38PM   0 votes
I think there are many different types of love, Gale and Katniss's relationship was more a deep friendship and brotherly type love, when in these types of relationships it can be really easy to think that it is a deeper romantic love and it is not until the couple try the first kiss etc that they realise that even though they love each other it is not the stay together have children together type love. So when one of these two actually finds their romantic love of course the original relationship can never be the same and they drift apart that is a given and I think that is what happened to Gale and Katniss.

So I think in the end that Gale loved Katniss all along and didn't "Fall in Love" as such with her but always loved her in a friendship way. He decided his own fate not Katniss, he realised at the first kiss exactly what their relationship was and he decided that the rebellion was his passion at the time and I'm sure where ever he ended up that he will find his romantic love and look back on his ealry life with Katniss with fondness and not regret.

I also don't think that Gale can be blamed for Prim's death war is war and awful things happen.

I liked Peeta more than Gale from the beginning, but Gale didn't deserve to be an afterthought. He may have invented the bomb that killed Prim, but it wasn't his fault. I don't blame him. Here is what I think: Katniss could never choose between Peeta or Gale as we all know, back and forth all the time, and when Gale "killed" Prim, Katniss could finally rule Gale out once and for all. But I don't think she really blamed him for Prim's death. I think she wanted to be with Peeta all along but didn't really want to hurt Gale's feelings. So this way she could use him inventing the bomb as an excuse of why she could never bare to see him anymore.

A lot of people think Katniss would up with Peeta by default since Gale killed Prim. I don't think that's true, I don't think she settled for Peeta but she just never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings.

But I feel sorry for Gale and he didn't deserve to be led on and especially didn't deserve to be completely abandoned. I think he met a nasty end, probably as a depressed lonely alcoholic. I don't think Gale is the type to be happy for Katniss and Peeta, I think he'd be the bitter type and never truly move on.

Cecilia (last edited Nov 08, 2012 08:48AM ) Oct 30, 2012 07:02AM   0 votes
Dude he "killed" her sister!! The only person in the world Katniss loved (before Peeta). But Gale is very good guy and i think he does end up happy, military was always his passsion. Im sure in the future he finds a good girl maybe Annie. Either way since the Author insisted on cutting the ending short and abrupt i think it was only appropriate for it to be about Katniss and Peeta and their happy ending! In other words Gale is fine he left off doing what he loved knowing the girl he loved was happier then he could ever had made her. Cause in reality Katniss didnt need anymore fire and rage she needed soft and caring Peeta. (Which i love) <3

I couldn't stand Gale and was glad that he shipped himself off to district 2 in the end.

Funnily enough, I NEVER blamed Gale for Prim's death. That was all down to Coin.
I hated Gale for different reasons and there were PLENTY of them! lol

Gale was too selfish to see what was best for Katniss, and his jealousy grated on my nerves!
He felt he had dibs on Katniss, all because he 'knew her first'. That's just dumb! pmsl
Whereas all Peeta wanted for her, was happiness. Regardless whether she was with him or not.

I think Gale should end up with Annie as she was distraught when Finnick died, she should have someone else to share her love with.

Lyndsey (last edited Feb 08, 2014 09:37PM ) Feb 08, 2014 09:29PM   0 votes
Anna wrote: "I'll get a whole heck of a lot of hate for posting this discussion but I personally find that the ending was disappointing because you never truly know what happened to Gale Hawthorne..which is kin..."

I loved Gale as a character, and thought he was perfect for Katniss, in the sense that he could be the fire to her fire. They were eerily similar in their hatred and distaste in the Capital. They seemed to click more as friends (or cousins), than I ever thought they would as a couple. Katniss needed a comforting and sensative hand to be lead with, and Peeta was perfect for this role. He is the complete opposite of Katniss and Gale, and that was what Katniss truly needed.
In no way do I blame Gale for Prim's death. He unfortunately had a hand in making the bombs that killed her in the end, but he wasn't the trigger. I agree, I believed that Katniss had a hard time choosing between the two, and this made the perfect reason for her to abandon the idea of a relationship with Gale. I"m not saying that as a dig at Katniss. She was emotionally vulnerable at the time, and it seemed the best choice for her at the time, and eventually for the future.
Gale was reckless and selfish at times. For those reasons, I don't think that he would have been the right choice for Katniss. She needed a selfless, caring boy to calm her fire.
I hope Gale found a happy ending with a nice girl in District 2, and had a litter of children. Lord knows that he would make a good father with all of his experience in taking care of his siblings, mother, and Katniss' family. But another part thinks that he will sadly not be able to fully move on from his relationship with Katniss, and eventually become bitter. I hope not, with thinking that he deserves better than that.

Zoe Fang ENOUGH WITH THE NICE GIRL FROM DISTRICT 2. Again NO ONE compares with Katniss.
Mar 28, 2018 12:58AM
Zoe Fang Gale has eyes for no one but Katniss. You underestimate how deep his love for her is.
Mar 28, 2018 12:59AM

Imani (last edited Jan 13, 2013 10:45AM ) Jan 13, 2013 10:44AM   0 votes
I never really "liked" Gale (mostly because I always loved Peeta more), but I didn't think he deserved the ending that he got. I understand that Katniss wouldn't want him around her because of Prim's death, but that really wasn't his fault. And I understand that he became way more obsessed with the rebellion, and they grew apart even before Prim, but was it really believable that after all that they had been through together, that he would just totally disappear from her life and she wouldn't even really care? I think that even if her did leave Katniss, that they would have eventually reconciled.

Peeta and Katniss belonged together in the romantic sense, but why couldn't Gale still be her friend?

I agree with you 100%. I loved Gale in the books and his ending was awful. I felt like the ending of Mockingjay was disappointing for a lot of reasons because Katniss just seemed to want to forget about everyone except for Peeta.

Ok, personally, I HATE GALE. First of all (SPOILER ALERT) HE KILLED PRIM!!!!! Second, Peeta clearly loved Katniss before Gale, because he talked about how he loved her the moment he layed eyes on her. Which was like, when they were in kindergarten. But Gale, he didnt develope his real feelings for Katniss, until that one day when they met in the woods.So i just don't really care what happened to Gale. Besides, If he really truly loved Katniss, he would have stayed with her.

First off, I love Peeta, he is just the best!!!!! Gale was the boy version of Katniss, they were too much alike. Peeta, I feel is the opposite of Katniss, so they balance each other out. I think that Johanna would be the perfect fit for Gale, yes they are simmilar, but they are different in different situations. Johanna deserves a happy ending, as should Gale.

I liked Gale, but he and Katniss were best-friends. She had a brotherly love for him. There was a lot going on when Prim was killed and I don't think she blamed him, even though it caused her pain.

Peeta loved Katniss more than she loved him at first, but as the best loves grew to be something better and stronger.

Gale was always about fighting and war from the very beginning and Katniss didn't want any of that. All she wanted to do was to take care of her family and with Peeta, she got that.

I think they ended up just the way it should have even if the book ended up being rushed at the end.

In a lot of distopian novels if there is a love triangle it will be between two steryotypical characters. They are the dangerous scary boy or the nice kind boy. The girl always goes for the dangerous one and lives happily ever after. Bleh!
The author probobly wanted to change this ridiculious stereyotype so she created gale as the one who lusted on katniss but never ends up with her. Unfortunetly he had no otther purpose than this so she found him undeserving of an epilouge.

Yes I agree we should get to know Gale's fate a bit more other than that he moved to District 2 and probably kissing another pair of lips the end. No matter what you think of his actions he did a lot to bring down the Capitol.

It's canon compliant to just assume that Katniss just thought Madge died but in fact she survived and ended up with Gale.

To be honest, I liked Peeta since the beggining. He was the nicest character of the books. Gale was not a bad person, but so many things happened to him that he filled with hatred. And truly I was more concern about how she forget about her mother than what happened to Gale.

I agree completely with Katharina Ofelelie. I think the war changed both Katniss and Gale. They weren't the same people each other used to know. And they wanted different things. Katniss didn't like how Gale had changed, and for the best she couldn't bear to continue on seeing him until it became painful. A clean break.

well i'm glad she went with peeta+ Gale left her 4 a job so he didn't want het that bad

he is like puck and jacob the pointless point in the love triangle

I also would have like to hear about his fate, even though I have blaimed him for Prim's death multiple times, I have learned to live with it right now. You're right that he's the first guy who truly loved her with his entire heart. I don't know his fate, but I hope he ended up happily married to a girl, who loved him just as much. <3

Gale probably came to a bad end. He allowed his hatred for the Capital government to overshadow everything in his life, even his common sense. I understand that in the first book he was a good person, and I kind of wished she would have explored him a little more to show how a good person can lose their mind during war. But, usually when people get lost like that they either wake up and can't face what they did, or they never wake up from the hatred. He broke just like Katniss but where we are with her on every step of the journey, we are only vaguely aware of his pain.

SassyPsycho (last edited Jan 18, 2013 02:20PM ) Nov 08, 2012 08:26AM   0 votes
I agree i hated the end i love Gale and Peeta sooo i wish Gale would have been there at the end he and Peeta were used!!! buy katniss. but he killed Prim so boo for that but all in all I loved Gale and Peeta. Gale did get wired in the last book.

personally i think it would be weird for them to love each other because they are like brother and sister

I don't blame Gale directly for Prim's death,as most of you say. But as Gale himself tell Katniss, she will always have doubts about what happened, and basically, the attack came from one of Gale's idea. So, I don't think Kattniss would ever love him the way she did, as brother or anything, not that now she would hate him, but there will always be a shadow behind him reminding her of what happened. Besides, I think Gale felt guilty, even though it wasn't directly his fault, and he knew he would remind Katniss of Prim everytime they see each other, so he better clear out.
About Katniss and Peeta, I think love grew back in her again. Just like, in the first games, he openly loved her, and that way she slowly fell in love with him. The same happened again, Peeta fell in love with her again and make her fall in love with him. Finally because, they were both alone and had suffered the same. The one I'm most sorry for is Annie. Maybe she suffered the most.

I'm glad to be the first one to reply to you because I LOVED Gale so damn much and it broke my heart when that book ended that way. Also, everyone I knew who was reading the book was running around accusing him of being a murderer. So yeah, lots of hate.
It does suck how the book ends, but in the end, I believe Katniss and Peeta are better off together. It just wouldn't have worked out with Gale no matter how hard they tried. It wasn't right, you know? So even though the ending was kind of disappointing for me, I think is kind of fitting.

I think that people have a tendency to simplify the reasons why Katniss and Gale's relationship fell apart. It wasn't just about Prim. It was the war that tore them apart in a way that couldn't be repared. Katniss never wanted the war, she just wanted it to be over, while Gale became so obsessed with rebellion that he didn't care about what happened to people anymore.
Katniss could never have been with him after the war because of the way they had both been affected by it, and I think Gale knew that.
I don't love Gale, but I don't hate him either. I think he was a victim of circumstance, who finally saw an opportunity to put an end to all the injustice he saw in the world, but the problem was that he quickly became ruthless, and didn't mind sacrificing the lives of innocent people to get what he wanted. This was a philosophy that Katniss could never buy into, probably mainly because she had been in the Games and Gale hadn't.

I honestly think that Gale is indirectly the reason for Prim's death. If he wanted, he could have stopped her from going and told her the plan. He could have told Tris about it because they were together the whole time. I also don't like Gale because he is very jealous of Peeta. Instead of understanding that Peeta had been trough a lot, Gale was very eager to find a reason to kill him. Then again, Tris is to blame as well because she kept giving Gale the idea that she liked him even after she was sure she loved Peeta.

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