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message 1: by Onyx (new)

Onyx create settings for my stoey


The forest - by day it's full of life, color, light and general enchantment, but by night creatures come out to play and it becomes a garden for everything that humans put in fairytales

message 3: by Onyx (new)

Onyx Omg your good at this I love it

HiddenInForests Thanks, I was wondering if I could take a swing at playing Rebecca or maybe Nichole, just try to build on the characters. And I can try to find some pics for the settings that you have already created :D

message 5: by Onyx (new)

Onyx Yes and go right ahead

HiddenInForests Thanks

message 7: by Onyx (new)

Onyx No problem genius * hugs*

HiddenInForests Yay, I'm a genius *hugs back*

message 9: by Rainstar (new)


A hedge labyrinth that is hidden away but when found and entered, is practically hard to escape. Each exit point is a place to another part of the maze or a diffrent area/world. The maze has it far share fo creatures that live there and also are trapped there. a few humans trapped as well. time is distorted there, so you never know if its seconds that has passed or years buy the time you get out, if you do that is.

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