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BloodGifted (The Dantonville Legacy, #1)
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I'm Tima Maria. My contemporary vampire novel, Bloodgifted, is due for release this December. Actually, the story takes place two weeks before Christmas,so releasing it at that time is perfect.
It revolves around a young woman who carries a rare genetic mutation that stops her from ageing. She has no idea she's descended from a Roman soldier cursed into vampire form by a Pictish witch. And, only she can lift the curse.
I've placed the first two chapters on here as a teaser and would really appreciate some feedback.
If anyone is interested in doing a review before the book comes out, please let me know.

message 2: by Francis (new)

Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments Hi Tima. I like your blog. Good luck with the competition.

Images: For photos it's worth checking Flickr, and you search for images with friendly licenses.

What archaeological digs have you worked on?

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Hi Francis,
Thanks for liking my blog and I'll check out Flickr as well. As for the competition, I don't know if I have the patience to wait till they announce the eventual winner. I don't want to miss out on the Christmas sales. But, we'll see.
Anyway, I've worked on digs in Tasmania (Port Arthur), the Blue Mts, Portugal, Spain, Israel and Britain.

message 4: by Francis (new)

Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments I'm quite interested in Aegean archaeology and myths, but I haven't worked on any digs.

Where in Britain?

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Hi Francis,
I've worked in Carlisle - Hadrian's Wall. Did some research there on late Roman Britain for my PhD.

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Francis Franklin (FrancisJamesFranklin) | 535 comments I live in Newcastle, along at the other end of the wall. :-)

How does that The Next Big Thing blog tour work? Is it just a viral thing? Or is somebody managing it?

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Hi Francis,
Somebody's managing it, I guess. I got involved through my writer-friend, Lindsay J Pryor. She's just recently been published. Linds, was asked by a friend, she asked me and I asked another couple of writer-friends to keep the chain going.
As for who originally started it, I really don't know.

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