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Tyler Cambron | 3 comments Leverage is a perfect book for anyone High School athlete that does mind a little PG-13 language and some adult conntent. There are two main characters that the book flip-flops between. Danny Meehan a small, skinny sophmore on the gymnastics team at Anooka High School who has dreams of a free trip to college. Danny's home life is almost non-existent because of his deceased mother and workaholic father. The high bar is his exscape, where he feels at home. And the other hand his poplar opposite Kurt Brodsky. The only two qualities they share are there shy demeanors.Kurt is a huge and intimadating senior with a heavy studder and large scare down the side of his face, which it the root of his social anxiety. Along with his feeling of loneliness which comes from being bounced around from different group homes and foster parents. The death of his best and only friend Lamar doesnt help with that at all. But as soon as he puts on his helmet and pads he's a totally differnet person, a monster even. And extrememly talented fullback who quickly earns the respect of most of the team.
Anooka High is divided in tons of cliques but the largest, and meanest, is the football team. They are the most successful team and this means they get what they want. Even if that means cutting the budgets of just about every other athletic departments. This starts a ugly and at times violent rivaliy between Danny's gymnastics team and Kurt's football team. And through all this some they strike up a friendship. And together the help bring to justice the kids who are responsible to the suicide of Ronnie Danny's freshmen teammate.
This book is for anyone who loves a not only sports but real life situations. This book is the defintion of a page turner. I STRONGLY recommend this book to anyone. This is a must read book in my opinion.

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Kdrake1 | 3 comments Mod
Good information in your write up without giving too much away :)

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