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Hana tbc?

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message 1: by Kamila (new)

Kamila | 5 comments I have just read Hana. I really enjoyed it. However the ending wasn't what I have expected. Did anybody else get that feeling of Hana betraying Lena for money and out of jealousy or was it just my interpretation? If you haven't read it you definitely should. Very fast to read it;took me about 40 mins.

message 2: by ingrid (new)

ingrid (4fears) | 1 comments Yeah I liked Hana up until I read that. People love her character but im like why?! (Like I do too, but i hate she did that) Things would have been better without her reporting them - like obviously storyline wise it wouldnt be as good but yeah i interpretted it as betrayal. I have so many feels i cant explain myself

message 3: by Kamila (new)

Kamila | 5 comments Hana didn't seem like the person that would do that. I think she might have secretly be in love with Alex.

message 4: by Hanna (new)

Hanna | 2 comments I kind of understand her . At least a bit. She was the one who wanted to fall in love, Lena just wanted to be cured. But I think she went to far. I don't hate her thought, she probably didn't know what was going to happen, and she did help her to get a message to Alex.

message 5: by Brienne (new)

Brienne | 31 comments I definitely feel like hana betrayed lena out of jealousy

message 6: by Carolina (new)

Carolina | 8 comments I think that what Hanna did affected Lena's whole life. Lena was ready to be happy with Alex and Hanna ruined it. After that all Lena has done is to fight .

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I read it quickly as well, and I cried at the end (not that this is something new, lol, very emotional reader, here) I yelled at my phone (where I read it) for about an hour going "HOW DARE YOU" even though I knew she would betray her before reading it. Does she regret it though? that's why she helps her with telling Alex to get her from the house? or did she not do it and Alex just came by himself? so many unanswered questions!

message 8: by Little Soph (new)

Little Soph Jackson I read Hana and to be honest, I wasn't surprised! When I read Delirium and they got found out, my first thought was Hana. Particularly when she was being really nice to Lena when Lean was tied up I thought that it was because she was trying to make amends.
That doesn't mean I feel she did the right thing though.
And then I read Requiem and I forgave her! :-)

message 9: by Katie (new)

Katie (tiarose) Yah I haven't read Hana but I have read Requiem so I understand. I think she was jealous because she couldn't ever have the life she dreamed of. and when Lena started breaking rules and fell in love I think that was just to much for Hana. I think Hana imagined her and Lena going to secret parties together and meeting boys. but when it all changed and Lena had a love and she didn't, I think it broke her in a way. So yah Hana was definitely jealous. but she regretted it later. I forgave Hana when I read requiem but she overacted.

message 10: by Maia (new)

Maia (maiarebekah22) | 6 comments well you know the betrayal made it more interesting
also more REAL LIFE
and everything
and everyone has flaws, if they didn't they would not be real
and there would have been less action if it wasnt for hana
haha my best friends name is hanna

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