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Jade unlocked the front door and led Ben inside. She closed the door behind them and locked it, then threw her purse and keys onto the kitchen counter

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he looks around "nice"

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Jade shrugged "the way the place looks isn't really important to me right now" she said with a smirk as she slowly walked up to him

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"oh i see"he says watching her

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Jade jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply

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he holds her kissing her deeply

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Jade leaned down to kiss slowly down his neck

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He groans

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Jades mouth moved extremely slowly down his neck, she was trying to drive him crazy

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He groans"faster "

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"but I have to take my time, Ben" jade teased, not speeding up at all

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"but why"

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"because it's fun to drive you crazy" jade whispered against his skin

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"but it is killing me"

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"that makes it even more fun" jade chuckled evilly, biting his neck playfully

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He moans

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Jade hopped back down to the floor and pulled him into her room

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he follows smirking

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Jade laid down on the bed "do whatever you want, I've already tortured you" she said, a smirk on her face

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he lays over her and starts nibbling her ear

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Jade grinned, laying under him as she slipped her hands under his shirt

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he pulls his shirt off

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Jade smirked "that's better" she purred, moving her hands around his upper body

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he kisses her roughly

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Jade kissed him back just as rough, feeling his muscles

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he moans loudly

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Jade chuckled "problem Ben?" she asked, breaking the kiss

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"yes your so hot"

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(her room- )
Jade smiled "is that a problem?" she asked, nibbling on his ear

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"no not at all"he groans

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Jade smirked at how much she was effecting him. She scooted down under him to kiss down his bare chest

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he moans"jaaaaade"

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"yes Ben?" jade asked, her trail of kisses going farther down

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"your driving me crazy"

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Jade sighed "Ben, can't you see that that's the point?" she asked, biting playfully at his skin

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"yeah i can tell"he says holding her waist

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"then play along baby, drive me crazy" she purred, challenging him as she wrapped her legs around his waist

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he leans down and kisses her neck

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Jade nodded "it's a start" she teased, tightening her legs around him

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he runs a hand through her hair and kisses her neck rougher

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Jade moaned loudly, arching her neck so he had better access

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he kisses it more biting her skin lightly

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Jade but her lip to keep from making any more noises. She ran her hands through bens hair

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he runs his hands down the sides of her body

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Jade tried her best not to moan. She took off her blazer, pressing her body against his

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he starts nibbling her ear lightly

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Jade couldn't help but moan out his name, she used her legs to pull him closer

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he lays against her fliping over so shes on top

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Jade straddled his hips, bringing her lips eagerly down on his

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