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HiddenInForests Esme sat in her bedroom all alone, no one ever got to go into her bedroom besides the maid and Esme herself. She was meant to be with her trainer but the old witch had been called away to help a woman who's child was supposedly being possessed.

HiddenInForests After a while Esme became bored, she was tired of being her father's little angel and she wanted to do something reckless, have some fun, use her powers to cause some trouble. Having all of these restrictions was driving her insane. So she went into her closet and changed out of her dress and into trousers and a loose white blouse then pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail. She then climbed out of her second floor window, down the trails of ivy that ran all over the building and landed on the ground. She glanced around to make sure that she was alone beofre sprinting off into the town, desperate for some fun and adventure.

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