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do you think daksha was wholly evil?or just weak?
Kamalika Kamalika Oct 28, 2012 11:04AM
if you think he was evil,then please provide some points to support your statement.
in my opinion,daksha wasn't wholly evil.what he did to kali and ganesh and sati as well was very wrong but he was quite weak.all i can say is that his father turned him around.


i think bhrigu is the evil man in tis book and daksha under the influence of bhrigu has become evil.....

Atul I will not say that bhrigu was evil, he was just attached to the somras as it was invented by lord bhrama and he was not able to accept that somras ca ...more
Oct 03, 2013 11:10PM

i think we wasn't weak either,i guess he being a suryavanshi leader and bond to all the customs and norms being followed by the society made him do so

Daksha was very weak and want to prove himself worthy to his father, so he tries but fails.
Then he is influenced by the sage and then he plans against Meluha

Dhaksha was weak.... he is not an evil... he is influenced by his father and bhrigu....

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For own selfish reasons he was trying to make his future threats look like as if the enemy of India, thereby misleading everyone.

He may be weak but his father too played a role to make him weak, but otherwise he was a good human being who loved his family.

I think that Daksha couldnt take in the fact that his wife had produced a Naga and he couldnt take in the fact that one of his daughter had also produced a Naga, which made him do what he did, becuz he was weak and couldnt take in both the facts. It was too much for him


He was weak, selfish, and incompetent to be a king. All these combined made him follow evil.

I would say he is emotionally weak.

Daksha would have been better if his father had appreciated him and not always degraded him.. so he did things in such a way that gave no one got a chance to degrade him or tell bad about him. this made him to take up ways which was nt justifiable. u can say that he is weak ..n din knw hw to survive even with difficulties (like having a naga child etc...)

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Shamanth the suryavanshi children grow at the maika, remember ?!? i don't think his father's attitude affected him to such an extend that he is displaying as a ...more
Mar 11, 2013 06:28AM

According to me, Daksha had traits of both evil and good. On one side, his immense and sincere love for his daughter and his country and on the other side, the evil driving him towards something as abandoning his daughter and grandson based on looks. Daksha clearly lacked judgement and a strength of character.

WEAKLING with loads of excuses...
If he were a true suryavanshi, he would've understood that his country is more important than himself and should've absolutely, without any sort of doubt, given the throne to someone else more capable than himself and only then do whatever he is capable of..

Daksha was succumbed to the customs . He wanted to optimize those customs with the love for his daughter. Hence this is the result of the optimal solution.

Daksha was an ordinary man with attachment to his family. A person who wanted to live a simple life but was entrusted with greater responsibility to lead a kingdom just because he was born as heir to the kingdom.
This kindles an interest to probe the system of the past "Is the system of selecting the first male child in a kingdom as a king correct? Should not the individual be checked for his capability, asked for his interest"

As a king his priority should have been to dedicate his life to his kingdom and to his own people's well being. He was always interested in his daughters (Sati's) life and lived in fear.
Ganesh- Sati's elder son a born Naga (This incident has happened not to show Daksha's weakness but to prove the strength of Mahadev who has the capacity to throw away the routine idiotic beliefs and bring back life to its best)
There are many Daksha's in this world and few Mahadev
One who is not comfortable in the role he is playing in the society will eventually become evil as he will not be able to serve with utmost dedication, work done without dedication will lead to mistakes and as a king his mistakes will cost his own life and loss of kingdom.

He is simply weak , A weak with immense power becomes evil. That is how he developed though out the series. A weak man in love with her daughter to a evil man who recruited assassins to kill a man who once he believed as god.

I believe "weakness" is a personality trait which he possesses. But, weakness manifests itself in multiple ways. A person can either become obsequious in the face of a "strong" character or give in to self-conceit which can ultimately lead to evil. Daksha at various points seems give into both these traits. Hence, as I see it it is the former driving the latter, but it is also the latter (conceit) due to which he fails to acknowledge the former (weakness).

We can say that Daksha was misplaced as a king. His only success was because of head of Meluhan army Parvateshwar and minister Kanakhala. He miserably failed to prove himself as a worthy ruler, may be because of the fear of failure inside him.
Also We can't judge Bhrigu as evil. The belief which he had on the positive effects of Somras made him to act in a evil manner, which also blinded him from the bitter truth it also had.

Certainly - he was weak!

I believe that he was not strong enough to stand up for his own people.

Surely weak. Or, it would be apt to say, turned-weak. His weakness was triggered by his father. so, he couldn't help himself from turning evil.

Well he wasn't much appreciated by his father.His father thought of him as a coward!(which he did turn out to be)
He wanted to prove his father wrong...Also the fact that he couldn't accept his own children just because they were naga....shows that he's weak.He didn't want to lose the power in his hand.Somewhere down the line , even he knew he was weak but he wanted to show the world,his people that he's not which made him do all those evil things he did. The 'weakness' in him was actually a catalyst in making him an evil person!


I think he was being weak and thus not able to control the evil which makes him evil.

As I was reading another novel "Asuar: the story of vanquished", author portraits Ravana as a human who are not willing to control anger, lust evil things.

daksha was weak. he didnt had the mental nor the physical strength to stick with the right thing. his lack of understanding and selfishness for himself made him take decisions that presented him in a bad light

Dahsha, wasn't the a evil man during his youth (by youth I mean in his early years, Meluhans not aging ad all), here what Amish is trying to steer into is addiction to evil or a vicious cycle, the proud Meluhans taking the concepts and laws of vikarma to heart have created a self aversion and sort of system similar to honor killing. Victims of there own, they protect there honor and try to keep their un-tainted privileged positions as royalty. Daksha fell into this cycle, the addiction to evil eventually, in part because he is a weak man.


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