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Grab some food, dudes!

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Ryder sits on top of a table, feet on the bench, leaning back with a tray on his lap. He ignores a teacher's protest and picks at his fries, headphone on and loud.

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Sarah walked in, took a swig from the secret concoction in her water bottle. Looking at Ryder up and down, she sat down with her fellow Cheerios.

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
Kayla walks into the cafeteria looking at her hands, you can still see the spray paint from a few nights ago.... She sees a boy with stunning red hair and goes over to him, he was sitting at her normal table....

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Ryder eyes opened, pulled out of his reverie by the slight shift of the table. He ignores the cheerio who peered at him; she probably wasn't worth talking to, unless she approached him fist. But, he smiles a bit at the new arrival and says, "Hi."

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
She looks at him, "Hey. Whatcha listenin' to?"

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Ryder shrugs, "Good stuff." He takes out the other headphone and pockets his iPod. "Am I sitting at -or on- your table?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
Kayla smiles at his coment, good stuff , Kayla shrugs at the table coment. "Hey, I don't own it, I'm fairly sure the school does." She winks with a smirk.

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"Sure, they do, but you know what I mean." Ryder figures thats enough invitation for him and pops another fry into his mouth. "So, who are you?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
Kayla smiles at him, "I'm Kayla." She says with a smile, "From the VanDel family." She says.

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Hettie sits at an empty table, knees drawn up, chin resting on them. She has ear phones in and is scribbling down random lines on a crumpled sheet of paper in front of her, lunch gone unnoticed.

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Ryder raises his eyebrows, not recognizing the name. "I'm Ryder Way." He sticks out his hand, "Nice to meet you, Kayla."

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
She shakes his hand, "Nice to meet you too Ryder."

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Ryder withdraws his hand and leans back. He opens his back pack and shoves a notebook in it along with his iPod. "You ready to get outta this hellhole?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
She laughs, "Sounds good to me!" She says getting up as well.

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Ryder slides off the table. "I have algebra next, but I don't fancy going. You care to ditch with me?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
Kayla giggles, "Why not? I have history next." She says.

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"Great." Ryder slings his back over his shoulder and starts walking away. "Where to?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
She shrugs, "Wanna go see some street art?" She asks. ((G2g for a bit! BRB!))

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"You have any paint left?" Ryder asks with a nod and glance at her fingers.

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod

She blushes, "Um.... ya, a little...."

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((Can you RP with me? I'm so bored...))

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod
((Ash is on his way to the school....))

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((I know. When he comes....? Or doesn't come lol))

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod

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((We should switch topics.))

Ryder pushes open the door and goes out first. "I think I have some black in my bag somewhere.." He grins. "You think the arists would mind if I added a bit?"

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Kate Kid (KateKid) | 925 comments Mod

Kayla looks at him, "You betta not. It's my brother's."

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Hettie shoved her lunch in her bag, deciding that she didn't want it, and looked around. ((Yah, I might just leave her here until I figure out where to rp..))

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"Hmmmm." Ryder says thoughfully.

((Okay, I'm switching.))

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((kk, you post first.))

Kayla nods.

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Amber walked in to the cafeteria, and caught sight of some of her guy friends. “Hey” She greeted them, sitting down.

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Hettie slipped her sheet of music away and watched the people around her. A girl sat at a nearby table with a group of guys. She vaguely recognised her, but couldn't remember her name.

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Amber talked about portswith them, but her mind was elsewhere.

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If she hadn't had other things on her mind, curiosity probably would have got the better of her and she would have asked the girl who she was and try and work out how she recognised her.

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One of the lacross jocks had challenged a thumb war. She was grinning, and put her arm out, ready to win.

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Amber started the thumb war, and already was starting to win.

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Hettie watched them, chuckling.

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After a few minutes Amber threw his arm to the table. She put her arms up in the air and shouted "VICTORY!"

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Hettie raised her eyebrows at the racket, smiling.

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Amber folded her arms, smirking. The guys were slapping her on the back. But then five minutes they were talking about the football game like nothing had happened.

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Hettie tore her gaze away.

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Amber leaned back when they were arguing about a foul, wether it was or wasn't. She started daydreaming.

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One of her friends noticed her distant gaze. "Amber? What the..... oh...." He said, and wiggled his eyebrows. "Whatcha thinkin' about, Amber?" Amber looked at him, and blushed slightly. "Shut up John." John snickered. "Our Amber is finally thinking about...!" He exclaimed, but Amber playfully covered his mouth so the last word would be muffled.

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Hettie threw a piece of screwed up paper at the girl. "Sorry to bother you, but I recognise you," she called easily.

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Amber removed her hand from her friends mouth, and turned towards the girl. "Really? Um... lets see...." She said, racking her memory, trying to remember how she knew her. "I'm on the soccer team.... and a few other teams...." She said. Some of her guy friends snickered. " some sports teams?"

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Hettie smiled easily. "I thought I recognised you."

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"Oh yeah.... wait.... wait.... Science! I think we have science together."

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A light bulb went off in her head. "That's it, biology."

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"Yeah. Glad we have that settled." She said and smiled.

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Hettie smiled and turned back.

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