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Let's do a mini fanfiction of the Main Potter and Weasley Kids!

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Weiting Hi, first, when I mean 'main' it's like James,Lily,Al,Rose..and maybe even Hugo.
So since I LOVE fanficts on goodreads like this one, and even more the never ending stories, and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the Harry potter series, so..ta da!
This is just a never ending story of the main potter and weasley kids! Enjoy and write whatever is reasonable that you want!
I start:
"Rose! Hugo's laughing at me!"
"Hugo, stop laughing at Lily."
"I am not laughing at her! She's a toerag liar!"
"Shush you two!" said James finally irritated by the fight.

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Albus looked from over the top of his book. "Knock it off, you two," he said calmly. That was so like Al; he was so calm even when he was angry. He was like his namesake, Albus Dumbledore, in that respect. "Lily, stop being sore you're not going to Hogwarts, and Hu, stop laughing at her! Stop tormenting her because this year you go off to Hogwarts!

James grinned. "Yeah, Hu, stop teasing her. And Lils, sis, you aren't missing much. Just an enchanted ceiling-"
"Floating candles-"
"Twelve Christmas trees-"
"Huh? Oh, fine, Rosie," said James, crossing his arms. He muttered under his breath: "Spoilsport."

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Suddenly James bolted up and ran towards the house. Hugo, being his loyal follower, followed him. Curious, the girls and Al decided to tag along.

When they finally found James, he and Hugo were in Harry's office. "Oh no," said Lily. "James, you aren't allowed!"

James grinned. "Knock it off, Lils." He started tossing the bronze hourglass thing he was holding. Rose went paler than the layer of snow in the back garden.

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