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The gardens were there is other plants that Professor Sprout couldn't fit inside of her green house. Some times they have classes there.

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Moni | 260 comments Rovan walked in and explored each and every plants."Anybody in?"She called"Professor slughorn are you there"She called again.

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Professor Slughorn stepped out from behind a very large tree that he was watering. He smiled at Rovan. "Hello!" He said cheerfuly, walking over to he and Kenna.
Kenna stared at Professor Slughorn. "Professor, you are looking slightly pale!" Kenna said.
Professor Slughorn shrugged. "Lack of sun I guess!" He said with another cheerful smile.
Kenna shrugged and handed her essay over to him. "Here you are, Professor!" She said.
Professor Slughorn smiled at Kenna's neat work. "Thankyou." He said looking over to Rovan.

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Moni | 260 comments "Your welcome,Professor!"Rovan said cheerfully.

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Professor Slughorn nodded with a smile and went back to his work.
Kenna went back over to Rovan. "Professor Slughorn is acting rather peculiar." Kenna said, biting her lip and squinting her eyes over in Professor Slughorn's way.

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Moni | 260 comments "Yep!Something fishy........Let us leave it here....Where next?"Rovan didn't what to spoil her day investigating in Prof .Slughorn's matters.She was in a mood to enjoy with her new friend.But keeping an eye on Prof.Slughorn also.

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Kenna smiled, she didn't want to upset her new friend and she could tell she didn't want to talk much about Professor Slughorn's matters. So she nodded and followed her. "Where would you like to go?" Kenna asked Rovan.

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Moni | 260 comments "May be the grounds?"Rovan suggested ,smiling"Or may be the kitchen...your choice!"She shrugged.

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Kenna thought a moment. She decided that they should stay on the grounds. Secretly, Kenna wanted to continue to keep a close eye on Professor Slughorn even if Rovan didn't want to spend the whole time watching him. He was up to something and Kenna knew it. "Would you like to go to the grounds? Perhaps on the hill over there?" Kenna asked, pointing to a hill abit near where they were.

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Moni | 260 comments "That's a nice place!Common let's go"Rovan and she paused for a minute and looked around to check whether anybody is there nearby."And Its a nice place talk about those matters's matter.I just not want to discuss it here ,But there I am very interested."Rovan whispered.

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Kenna smiled and followed after Rovan. She heard her mumble something but she couldn't make out what she was saying exactly. Kenna hoped that she hadn't figured out what Kenna was planing and wanted to do and was upset about it. Kenna bit her lip for a moment. "What was that?" She asked, putting on a comfused face.

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Moni | 260 comments "What?.....Oh....I know you want to investigate in prof's...matter.I am to interested in that But it is better to discuss these matters outside the hogwarts, we don't want to show others that we are gona spy prof.slug.....horn"Rovan lowered her voice when she uttered the last 3 words."Did you get me?"She walked out of the garden.

((Roleplay in grounds))

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Kenna shook her head. "And I can tell that you don't want to talk about it right now. We don't need to, truly!" She usured her. "We'll talk about it later, don't worry!" She added, walking out onto the grounds.


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Jade was smiling at all the flowers, watering them with great care. She picked on rose and tucked it behind her ear. She looked over at Aleksei and wondered what he was doing in the gardens, looking worried and angry. She picked a daisy and walked over to him. She leaned against the castle wall and stared at him for a moment, then asked, "What are you doing out here? You look worried." Jade was twirling the daisy's steam around in her fingers.

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Moni | 260 comments Violet was writing notes by looking the special plants in the garden.She was behind a well grown plant and she was fully covered.Nobody can see her.She heard Jade talking to Aleksei.She ensured that She was well hidden.That boy seemed to be worried.And the girl doesn't seem to be reason behind.Anyway Let me hear what is the matter about...........It seems to be something serious.Violet thought.Violet tried to eavesdrop on their conversation.

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Moni | 260 comments Violet heard Aleksei clearly.Oh!Then that is the matter.Ah?.... But who is this Tim riddle and who is he troubling?....I think this is something serious and interesting....and looks dangerous.....I wish I could help him........Ok!Ok!Let the girl speak then I will think of intruding.Violet thought, making sure that she is well hidden.

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Jade's eyes widened. "I know where he is and who he is. I think that he was troubling another student before, last year." She said, running a hand through her hair. Then a thought came to mind. She looked over at Aleksei. "Your gonna need more help if your not going to get hurt. Do you think that I could come along?" She asked, her eyes growing excited. She wanted an adventure, and she wanted it bad!

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Moni | 260 comments Violet heard each and every word jade spoke.So the girl know about this fellow ...the troubling guy.....She thinks it would be tough to handle that guy single-handedly....This sounds interesting ....I can help them then......spells and fights....ummmm....dangerous?...don't I love dangerous things.....Let me get into the action.Violet thought.She smiled at her thought and walked out from the trees.
"I heard ur conversation........I can help u if I come with u..Can I?...and the matter seems dangerous.....I am sure I will be helpful"Violet told them confidently and she was overflowing with excitement.

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Jade tried her hardest not to glare, but she failed. Jade glared at Violet and crossed her arms over her chest. "It's not nice to eavsdrop." She hissed. "Plus, this task is actually pretty dangerous and you might get hurt. Sure your smart but think about it, fighting off a guy like Tim Riddle might get you dirty and you wouldn't want that." Jade said, raising her eyebrows as if saying 'what are you going to do about it?'

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Moni | 260 comments "I agree.Its not nice to eavesdrop."Violet didn't have a tint of guilty consciousness in her face."I have lived in dangerous places and I'm not afraid of danger.Never.Never in my life."
Violet let out a laugh."What did u think about me.....a cute little girl playing with butterflies and afraid of boggart and all........Hurting?is it a matter?Fight should have some hurting,otherwise there won't be any thrill.I'm used to fighting.Don't underestimate me.I will be equal to u.I am.You will see it.And I'm coming with u!"Violet spoke confidently with array of voice.
"Don't u know that>>>Unity is strength.If that guy is so powerful.And we three can't handle him.Its shameful.A three can't handle one?......HaHa.......Okay, Okay I'm not here for fighting u ....I'm here to help u."She raised her eyebrows.

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Jade raised an eyebrow at Violet. "Alright, but just remember that you can't back out once your in. And I am coming, no matter what. Tim wont go down without a fight. I know him." Jade told Aleksei. "First things first, we need to get to him. Tell him who we are and that what he's doing is wrong. Then we need to find a way to get his wand and hold him down! We'll need some one to go get the head master." Jade looked at Violet. "That'll probably be you, your a fast runner, right?" Jade asked her. "He's on the grounds." She replied to Aleksei.

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Moni | 260 comments "What?I should get the head master"Violet looked at Aleksei.Don't u think Jade is flattering me and making me do such small things...I don't want to....Violet complained to herself and continued.Violet!Small or big, help is a help.Remember this.She heard a voice in her head.Violet paused and looked around who was speaking."Did u hear something?"Violet asked them.Nobody can hear other than you and me.Now stop thinking about me and Say 'YES'.Violet was amazed to hear that.She obeyed what the voice said."Never mind.I will get the head master......What should I say him and where should I bring him?"Violet tried to remain casual and smiled at Aleksei.

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Moni | 260 comments "Okay!The work will be done!"Violet swifted towards the third floor.In a second ,she disappeared like a cheetah.

~Exits violet to the Headmaster's office.

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Jade looks around Aleksei. "Don't tell me. Oh great! Kenna! Stop!" Jade yelled, seeing her run onto the grounds, alone.

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