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Chris Parker (ChrisParker) | 6 comments Hi there,
I've been a member of Goodreads for about a year and regularly 'lurk'. Sometimes I even 'post', but I try not to get too carried away...
The Lambsridge Wolves is my new teen novel. Though I'm woefully poor at self-publicising, I find I have to do it, for two reasons;
1) For some strange reason most publishers are happier to talk to established, successful, money-making authors.
2) I've written a book but don't want it to be sub-titled 'The World's Best Kept Secret'.

So, as sorry as I am, there it is. The book is for people who like mystery-suspense thrillers with a hint of a supernatural twist and some animals...
(See what I mena when I say I'm not a great self-publicist?)
If you like the sound of it, may I suggest you have a look on Lulu, Amazon or Smashwords?

Thanks if you made it this far,


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Terease (Tajohn) | 3 comments Ill take a look,

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