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There is a wall that separates the capital from the other half of the city. It looks like a giant target, the center being the capital and the rest where the rest of the city is. The rest of the city has separated itself by godly parents, but they still interact. Each year there is a reaping to see which two teens will be chosen.
So that is basically it. The capitol is in the center and blocked off by a wall guarded by peacekeepers. The people in the capitol are very...eccentric. There is another wall beyond that that keeps the rest of the people locked in. The people in the second part of the city interact, but have different districts in which they live in. During reaping day, they all go to the same square and watch each others demigods get chosen to fight to the death.

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Bella leaned leisurely on the wall, knowing it was most likely that she would not be reaped.

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