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Sam/Applejack♆ May I make the alpha unless you were going to?

Sam/Applejack♆ YAY!

Sam/Applejack♆ Name: Icy Rain (Ice or Rain)

Age/DOB: 3 years/August 8th

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha Female

Dominance: Respected

Ice is quite a beautiful wolf. Her first layer of fur is a bright whose, while the second is a lake silvery gray, giving her a misty appearance. She has thick, soft fur enabling her to withstand temperatures of up to 20 below. She has sharp, pointy ivory teeth to match her well tones claws. You don't want to get in Ice's way, because she will most likely take you out. She's very strong and well muscled, though you can't tell through her two thick layers of fur. The colours and tone of her fur make it look as if she is almost ghostly. She seems to glow in the moonlight as if she herself is the source. She has long, willowy, lithe and skinny limbs which enable her to run fast, very fast. This helps her in being the Lead Scout, as she can cover long distances in short amounts of time due to her speed. She has pale silver eyes to match her coat, as well as a long and thick tail, helping her to balance. She fur on her coat is straight, with no curls whatsoever anywhere.

Personality: Ice is has the opposite personality that her name would suggest. Despite the cold bitterness of ice itself, Ice is actually and kind and gentle female wolf. She won't lash out at somebody before first thinking it over, unless she hates you. Then she's probably the worst enemy you could ever make. She's gentle to pups and even to all other wolves. Despite her kindness and warmth to others, she is also a great Scout. Her body build and structure makes it easy for her to move quickly, quietly, and without spies from other packs ever even knowing she's there. Since she's so quiet, nimble, ad light on her feet, she makes a great hunter as well and usually goes hunting with the rest of the pack as well as do her scouting job.
Ice is quite a funny wolf. She likes to crack jokes, and play pranks as long as the others won't get mad at her. She won't to the alpha though, because she knows that would get her in trouble, which she prefers to avoid. Ice is also a very sly and cunning wolf. She can think through things at lightning speed and do logic puzzles the same way without messing them up. She likes to entertain the pups when she's not doing her job, and she also loves to flirt. Boy, Ice is a huge flirt. When she's not busy, you'll probably find her flirting with one of the other members of the pack. And since she's so beautiful, it usually works on the others. It won't be long before she finds a mate with her looks and personality, which she has the males chasing after.
Ice also likes to just relax and sometimes play in the snow. She tends to sometimes bury herself in a mountain or drift of snow and stay there until her skin turns blue and her pelt is soaked. Which isn't exactly the smartest choice, being as she couldn't very likely catch hypothermia. But she doesn't care. It's times like those when Ice can get slightly reckless and not listen to reason. In fact, the only wolves she really listens to are herself, the alpha(s), and the beta(s).

History: ~~First Person, Ice's Point of View~~
I was out for a hunt one day, and I heard a noise far across in the forest. It sounded like a long, bone chilling howl and it sent a shiver through my bones and made my teeth chatter. So I turned in the opposite direction and tried to escape the noises that I had heard. A while later, when I was about to approach a wounded elk that I had found laying in a clearing, something pounced on me, pinning me on my stomach so I couldn't see my attacker.
"L-l-let me go!" I warned, but it came out more of a plea then it did a warning.
"Tisk tisk," a deep, masculine voice breathed down my neck. I was truly frightened now, and I didn't know what to do. So I did the only thing I could do, it twisted around and sank my teeth into his front left forepaw. My attack her howled in pain and released me. The minute he did, I jumped up to see who this mysterious wolf was. But he was gone. I couldn't comprehend how this was possible, but it was. He was gone. I let out a long howl of despair that he had tricked me and I hadn't even caught a glimpse of him. I growled deep in my throat and started to run back to camp when I saw a flash of black limping through the forest in front of me. Being the idiot I was at that point, I ran towards it. The figure looked over its shoulder, and I caught a glimpse of bright, shimmering, golden eyes. "Go away," she voice snarled and it sounded like my attacker from earlier, which it was. So I ran faster and jumped the wolf.
"What's your problem, sicko?!" I demanded.
"None of your business," the wolf snarled. "But at least call me by my proper name, Midnight Lightning," he sneered in a deep, masculine voice.
"Okay then, Midshine Lightbolt," I said, purposely getting it wrong just to bug him. ",why did you attack me?!" I demanded agin, pressing my claw deeper into his throat and causing him to choke and cough. Just that moment, a silvery wolf with bright blue eyes came padding through the forest towards Midnight Lightning and I. The wolf lowered its head and spoke in a soft, feminine voice.
"Cogratulations, young scout. You have passed your assessment. Welcome to the Silver Pines Pack," she said and it was then that I knew, I belonged here. I released the black wolf below me and he stood with grace, no longer limping and seemingly not hurt anymore. He nodded and I became a member of the Silver Pines Pack. And that's my story.

Mother: Cursed Raven
Father: Soaring Falcon
Brother: Paws
Sister: Iris
Mentor: Midnight Lightning

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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