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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments What do you want to rp? I'll rp just about anything as long as it's pg-13.

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam so your more into graphic rp? I'll do anything also, just as long as theirs details

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments To me pg-13 is it's okay to swear, smoke and reference sex but no actual showing of it.

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam Okay just making sure. So are you into fantasy or realistic fiction?

message 5: by KB (new)

KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Either. I find that fantasy lasts longer. You?

message 6: by Sam (new)

Sam Same here. How about a witch and a vampire? or some intermix of paranormal creatures?

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Witch and vampire sounds awesome!

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam okay. Guy or girl for you?

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments I can rp either. I do also rp MxMs and FxFs as well.

message 10: by Sam (new)

Sam For some reason I cant do FxF well... how about two rps; one MxM and then MxF?

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Yeah totally :)

message 12: by Sam (new)

Sam Okay... Do you want to make your charries first? And Do you mind if I be the girl? I've been playing guys in mostly all of my rps so far XD

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments I don't mind :) And sure, just who should be what? I can make one like a vampire and one a warlock or a wizard or something?

message 14: by Sam (new)

Sam That would be cool. the girl could be the witch and then my other dude can be a vampire. Thanks btw. :) and sorry for the long response. GR is being stupid and wont tell me when i get a notification -_-

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Name: Darian Krosse
Age: He got turned at 19 but is now 219
Species: Vampire
Death date: 1812 (he died in the war, sort of)
Appearance: He's got an irish accent, short fiery red hair. Medium hieght and build. Bright green eyes.
Orientation: Straight

Name: Evan Alm
Age: 15
Species: Newly practicing wizard
App: Tall, very tall. Blonde with blue eyes. Very strong and muscular, swimmers body.
Orientation: Gay.

message 16: by Sam (new)

Sam Name: Kira Delaine
Age: 16
Species: Witch
Apperance: Kira is short, only coming in at five feet even. She's more on the fuller figure side with curves. Her hair is black and spiky while her eyes are violet. Her cheeks are always red and her lips are a dusty pink color. Her skin is milky white and her facial features are sharp and defined. Tattoos of runes cover her body.
Orientation: Straight

Name: Luka Maxwell
Age: appears to be 20 but real age is unknown. All he knows is he grew up under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Appearance: Luka is tall, standing at 6'4". He is lean and lanky, a deception against his strength. His hair is dark brown with amber eyes. His skin is medium in tone. Very masculine features.
Orientation: Gay

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments So who should go first?

message 18: by Sam (new)

Sam (i can do since you made your charries first))

Kira was out later than usual. She decided to forgo her mother and father's strict curfew and stay in the city longer. She leaned up against a building on an empty street with a lit cigarette in hand. She took a puff and then let the smoke release slowly from her mouth.

Luka couldn't help but be bored. He had finished feeding; he had had so much that he could feel the blood slosh back and forth when he moved. He laid down in a patch of grass in a kids park and tossed around a hackysack in his hands.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian ran his hand across his mouth, wiping the blood from his lips. He sighed softly, it was a good meal. As he came back down to earth from his most recent "high" as he liked to call it he realized his pursuit brought him to a roof. It was easy for him to catch his prey but the chase was the fun part so why not pretend they have a chance. Sitting down on the edge of the building, he spotted a young girl, no older than 17 smoking. He tsked to himself. Back in his day women her age weren't out at this hour, let alone smoking.

Evan walked down the street with his hands in his pockets. He was headed to the park because that's where he practiced his magic. Not that it could really be considered magic, he made things appear and disappear, ooo big deal. He was getting better though, and you never know. Luck just might be out there.

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Sam Kira finished the cigarette then looked at it in disgust. It hadn't even lasted a good five minutes! She threw it on the ground and put it out by squashing it with the heel of her boots. She sighed and pulled her leather jacket tighter around her body; she had still not gotten use to the very late October chill but then was thankful she wasn't somewhere warm.

Luka started singing to himself, his voice carrying through the silent park. It was a fun song, something by the Killers. He forgot the name but had memorized all of the lyrics to keep himself busy. While singing, he kept tossing the hackysack higher and higher into the air.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian still just observed Kira. She looked as though she avoid something. He wondered if he should go down and say something but decided against it. That's when he caught the scent. "Witch, she smells like witch," he said to himself. It made sense why she was out at such and ungodly hour doing unladylike things.

Evan heard the song and grinned. Whoever was singing it had great taste. as he moved closer though he realized he was in his park. Regular people, humans, couldn't go in that park at night. They couldn't even see him practicing if they looked. Who was this guy and how was he there?

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Sam Kira looked around the sky and frowned. No wonder most witches and warlocks hated the city; you couldn't see a damned thing. No stars, no planets, no galaxies. She was lucky she got a glimpse of the moon behind the fog. Kira wondered if she should have taken her parents advice and stayed in the mountains. Even if there wasn't much to do, at least there was nature. Glaring at the ground, she started to walk up the street; the only sound was music off in the distances and her boots against the pavement.

Luka continued to sing until he he finished. He got off the dewy grass and thought about another song. He settled on Little talks, by Of Monsters and Men. As he got caught up in the silent beat, he danced around a little.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian wrinkled his nose at her. She smoked, she's a witch, she's out at an inappropriate hour and she decided to start walking. He jumped down from his perch up on the top of the building to the street. "You know, back in my day witches and other women of unholy and improper conduct were hung," he said, his Irish accent bleeding through.

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Sam "Jesus Christ," Kira muttered when she heard what the stranger said. She turned around and looked at him, studying him with an observant gaze. She narrowed her eyes at him, realizing he was a vampire. "Aren't vampires considered just as unholy as demons? I believe so, child of lilith," Kira hissed.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments "You think I asked for this, witch?" he spat " I was a man of strict morals and never strayed from right and wrong." Darian couldn't believe her nerve. "You choose this path. You choose to stray from the path and none of God's mercy can save you now."

((the vampire who preaches :p))

Evan watched the man with wide eyes. "U-um s-sir?" he called softly. He wasn't sure what to do. The man obviously had power but what kind and exactly how powerful?

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Sam ((such a hypocrit XD))

Kira rolled her eyes. "Oh grow up and get over yourself, blood sucker. At least I don't steal a person's life essence," she retorted and then reached for the chain around her neck. On the chain was a silver crucifix. "Can you wear one of these? I don't think so so don't even dare talking to me about God's mercy and morals. At least I can still step in a church and repent."

Luka stopped abruptly and turned around. He was faced with a boy who looked like he was a cross between fear and shock. He wasn't human, that was for sure. Luka sniffed and bit his lip when he recognized the scent. "Yes?" He asked, looking at the warlock carefully.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian's eyes smoldered with anger. How dare she insult his righteousness!? "My conscious is clear! It is not of choice that I do this. I was cursed by a demon and many demons that created each other! If I cursed someone to this life... That would be what would make me a demon."

((The worst part is I kind of agree with him))

"What are you?" the 15 year old asked, his voice small and scared. It was obvious that the young one didn't know with what he was dealing with and nor what the consequences could be.

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Sam Kira put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot to signal her boredom. "Yeah, okay," she said sarcastically. She then looked up at the sky again. "It was nice arguing with you but I didn't come out here for a fight; I went for a walk to let go of some stress and all your doing is adding to it. So you know what? Bite me," she spat and turned back down to keep walking.

((lol same here. Witches choose; most vampires dont))

Luka stared at the kid with an expressionless gaze. He wondered how he could be so brave; you don't just go and ask someone what species they are! It's just rude! Luka gave the kid a break through and said, "Well I'm...I am a vampire." He then gave a silly smile that bared his fangs in full view.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian smirked. "No thank you, I'm full!" he called out after her.

((And then there's Bella...))

Evan's eyes filled with fear and realization. He hoped so much that the vampire wouldn't try to get him. "I- I'm sorry. It's just, I put a ward around there. No non-magical creature can enter the park at night."

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Sam Kira spun around and flipped him off while walking backwards. She smiled innocently at him before turning back around and continued to walk further down the street.

((Oh dear god... That series would have went better if James had killed her in the first book and saved everyone the torture))

Luka shrugged and looked around. "I guess it worked then. Congrats, that's a strong spell for someone so new. Would you like me to leave, then?" He asked the kid.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian grinned. "What's your name?" he called after her. Her little bit of "Je ne sais qui" intrigued him. He wanted to learn more about this girl.

"No!" He said quickly then tried to cover himself, "I mean, sure, if you want." Truth was he found the guy attractive and wanted to learn more about him.

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Sam Kira stopped again and turned around to look at him. She crossed her arms across her chest and smirked. "I might tell you if you can find me," she said softly, knowing full well the vampire could hear her. She wiggled her fingers at him playfully before disappearing into thin air, leaving nothing but a black flower petal and violet fog in her wake.

Luke laughed. He found the kid quite amusing and even a bit cute. "Well? Which is it for you? Would YOU like me to leave or no?"

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian growled angrily. He's so used to always getting what he wants. Always.

"You can stay," he said softly, a light red dusting over his cheeks. It was almost an adorable, humorous sight. A buff 15 year old blushing.

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Sam Kira laughed to herself as she appeared in the backyard of her woodsy home. She thought it was hilarious that the vampire expected her to just say her name after he insulted her, even implied that she should be hung? Yeah, right. She sighed though; he was quite attractive. That redhair was growing on her. Muttering to herself about hormones, she climbed up the siding of her house and slipped through her bedroom window without her parents noticing.

Luca grinned at the kid. He changed his mind about an earlier thought; he wasn't cute. He was very much attractive, especially with that blush. "Well thanks, man. I'm Luca by the way," he said with a sincere smile.

((gtg. I'm dying from lack of sleep XD. ttyl!))

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Darian cursed loudly and kept walking. He didn't care if she'd told him he was the devil himself, the witch was amazing.

"Evan," he replied, stepping forward and holding his hand out to shake. His eyes were still wary. He looked Luca up and down. He meant it as harmless look, trying to see if he could take him if he decided to attack. Evan ended deciding no and that he was very attractive.

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Sam Luka grinned when he saw the lingering look over him. He shook hands with the warlock, his cold hand wrapping tightly around his. "Pleasure, Evan."

Kira decided early in the morning she would take a nap. Though she usually waited until noon, when the sun was at its highest, to sleep. She sighed and curled up in a ball. Much to her demise, her last thought was of the redheaded vampire.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Evan nodded softly. For the first time ever he felt small and powerless. He wasn't sure what really to think about it.

Darian decided it was time to head home. He passed a park where another vampire was shaking hands with a young warlock. Muttering a quick hail Mary and kept walking.

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Sam "So what's a kid like you doing out so late? Isn't it kind of dangerous for a newbie to be out alone?" Luka questioned carefully.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments "This is where I practice... My teacher died a few weeks ago so I've been teaching myself," he replied. Evan was unsure as to why he was giving Luka all this information.

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Sam ((skip for our dear vampire and witch?))

Luka frowned at the information. "Your mentor died? Why aren't your parents taking up your teaching?"

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments "I'm adopted," he explained, "my parents don't know."

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments ((yep))

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Sam ((okaydokie))

All Luka wanted to do was hug the kid. He knew what it was like to not have his real parents but also remembered what had happened when the woman who changed him was staked. He shivered at the memories. "I can help you find someone in our world to help you out. It's dangerous for you to be by yourself at a weak stage."

Kira woke up hours later and decided to go back into the city again. She doubted she would run into her vampire in the daylight. She paused the middle of getting out of her warm bed. Why had she called the vampire hers?!

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Evan nodded hastly. "Oh could you? That would be great!" said excitedly then changed his demeanor, "I mean, uh, yeah that'd be good."

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Sam Luka laughed and patted the kid on the shoulder. He was too cute, too attractive, too handsome for words. He wondered how old he really was.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments Evan blushed, again. He gave him a small smile. He found Luka very attractive but he looked about 20 or so which was too old for him. And then he was a vampire to bout. The 15 year old didn't have a chance.

The vampire had decided to sit out on his balcony. It faced away from the sun so he was safe. Actually he didn't even know if anything would happen if he went into the sun, he also didn't want to test it.

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Sam "Do you have a place to say or are you on your own because of your teacher?" Luka asked after a few moments of thought. Unconciously, he moved closer to him.

Kira carried a black parasol to keep the sun off her fair skin. She looked at windows of shops, wondering if anything would catch her eye,

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments "I don't. I moved out here from B.C. in Canada to work with my teacher," he said while trying to ignore that Luka was getting closer.

Darian saw the witch and he grinned. His apartment was over a shop downtown. He whistled to her.

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Sam Luka bit his lip. "I know you don't know me well and I don't blame you if you dont trust me but I'll rest better if you have somewhere to stay. Would you like to stay with me?"

"Lord love of duck," Kira muttered, recognized the pitch of voice immediately. she looked up and spotted the vampire. "You again," she said, partially loud for him to hear.

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KB Love is our weapon (Kaitybugs) | 111 comments "I- I'd rather stay with you than nowhere," he said, caution in his eyes.

"Now you have to tell me your name!" he called down to her.

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