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Vietnam combat

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Richard Camp I worked on Echo Among Warriors for about a year before my good friend Eric Hammel formatted it and placed it on Amazon as an E-Book. I attempted to make the book as tactically accurate as possible, using my experience as a Vietnam company commander (1967-1968) as reference. Many Vietnam novels are simply not believable...they describe the characters in a Rambo style, which is simply not true for the most part. I am in the process of completing a companion novel using the siege of Khe Sanh as background. Semper Fi, Dick Camp

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Jesse Sir,

I was with 1/1 from Dec 69 - Dec 70. I loved the book because it portrayed combat and our life there accurately and it was a great story.

I had meant to write a fuller review at the time I read it but things got away from me. I had run into someone who knew you and he mentioned you and the book in the course of rehashing some war stories from Vietnam. You may also remember Lt Col Oliver North who attends my Church (St. Peter's in Purcellville) who also knows you or of you.

Looking forward to your next novel and I plan to get some of your other books for my book shelf. I would also like to volunteer to help out with the ebook formatting and publishing. I have some experience with this using Adobe Indesign.


Jesse Brown
Sgt, USMC (68-72)

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Richard Camp Jesse, I believe 1/1 was "down south" in 69-70. I was never there but glad to be up north where there weren't so many booby traps. Only ran into the damn things once on a night movement...lost the entire point...fortunately "just" wounded. I know Ollie from way back...give him my best. His company commander, Paul Goodwin and I are old friends. Paul thought the world of Ollie...a stand up guy! Keep your head down, Dick

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