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Has anyone been to The Wizarding World of harry Potter in Orlando, Florida?

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Laura If you have been to the wizarding world could you please tell me everything about and make me jealous and keep me sane cause i really want to go but i have to wait a couple of years (sadface) 'till i can go.

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Hi Laura, I will go next year in April to Orlando, Florida and visiting the Harry Potter World makes the top of the list of the things I plan to see...

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Victoria Pinder The Butterbear tastes like liquid werner's originals. To buy a wand takes forever as the wand chooses the wizard sales pitch is long. The ride in and of itself is way better than any movie/motion ride I've been on. Let's see the train is a nice place to get a picture... Did I mention I was there opening weekend? Floridians knew to stay in the shade while the rest of the people and celebs all melted in their own sweat. Stick to the frozen butterbear if you want to stay cool!

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