Undeniable (Undeniable, #1) Undeniable question

Mollie Mollie Oct 27, 2012 12:21AM
Just want to be sure that she was Deuce's not Chase's. Making sure I didn't miss something. I mean, she had Deuce's blue eyes, no? I don't remember Chase's eye color.

In another thread in the discussion area, Madeline Sheehan states that at the time of her birth it is unknown who the father is but that they later find out that she is Deuce's.

Ivy had Deuce's white flecked blue eyes as well as the same grin.. Definitely Deuce's biological daughter but it really didn't matter.

I'm glad it's Deuces I was wandering.

haha I wondered the same thing..but after rereading a few chapters I believe that yes Ivy was Deuces. The clues also that she had the same hair color as her older siblings.


I thought Chase's eyes were blue too.... and I think he was a blonde too...

We was deuces wether she was or not!!! I don't think it mattered to either of them Ivy would always be deuces!!!!!

Ok this not related to to ivy at all!!

But does anyone now find bikers more attractive ? Because let me tell you that I find myself staring more often ... I love sons of anarchy enough before but now after reading this book, has me wishing to be an old lady.

Yup, she was Deuces daughter

Loved this book!!

She was definitely Deuces

I thought she was Deuce's too but then was wondering about at the end where it was focussing on Ivy's relationship with Cage almost like there was a comparison to the beginning of Deuce and Eva's relationship....did anyone else get a funny feeling about this?

Amalyn Yep, I totally thought it could be something... But after when Deuce is replaying first meeting Eva I figured it was just a nice way to end having his ...more
May 22, 2013 08:24AM

That's what I think too. I couldn't find Chase'd eye color either it hair so I assume Deuce

I am pretty sure it referenced somewhere in there about her eyes being just like Deuces and then said her grin "just like her fathers" and it described Deuces "smirk". I am thinking she is Deuces.

Amalyn Yep, that's when I confirmed she was really Deuce's!
May 22, 2013 08:19AM

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