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First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Nickname (Optional):



Appearance: *No anime*

General Style:

Personality: 3-5 Sentences

History: 3-5 sentences
(As in what was their reaction of finding out about being a Spy/Assassin? What is their family background?)


Weapon of Choice:

Skills: What do they do best?

Relationship status:


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wanderer (ChloeMai) First Name:Lacey

Middle Name:Julietta

Last Name:Kingston





Lace could be described as a somewhat beautiful girl, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She had long crimson red locks that spill to mid back and slowly fade out into a rose-gold colour, giving her hair the appearence to that of a fire. Her skin is ivory white and is even, clean and blemish free, although because of her paleness she has the tendancy to bruise more easily than most, and the purple marks are more obvious against her albaster tone skin. Her facial structure is quite striking. She has high slashing cheekbones and long dark eyelashes to rest on these. Her eyes are beaautiful, the colour of witchsmoke or mist, and partially slanted. Her lips are naturally tinted a scarlett colour and although they may lack in size, they are lush and full. Her nose is small and ever so slightly upturned, her eyes also marginally slanted overshadowed by dark, elegantly arched eyebrows. Lace is quite petite, only standing at 5'2. Her feet are a mere size 2(In ENGLISH womans sizes) and her hands are around the same size of that of a child of approximately 10.

General Style:
When she isnt required to wear spy clothes...
(view spoiler)

Lace is very...Opinionated. She likes what she likes and hates what she hates. Its simple really. Once she has her mind set on something, or decides that something is right, thats it. Nothing is going to change that. She isnt afraid to voice what she thinks and has a strong sense of morals that are not to be questioned with.
She is quite the firecracker and once she loses her temper all hell will break loose. There will be alot of things smashing,a load of shouting and endless cussing. But most of the time she manages to keep her anger under control.
Lace is quite the introvert and likes to be alone with her thoughts, although sometimes this is bad, because she thinks over things in to much detail when its actually pretty straight forward. She doesnt really speak unless spoken to, or unless the moment requires it so people become quite shocked when they actually hear her talk.
She keeps her emotions under a tight belt and barely ever betrays what she is actually feeling. She never, cries, not once has she cried throughout her lifetime. Even as a baby she was relativly subdued and quiet.
Lace does have a sweeter side though, once you get past all of those barriers she hides behind and is actually quite sensitive. She is afraid to love or to be loved in case she is left hurt and her heart broken.

Lacey Julietta Kingston was born on a stormy summers night to her parents Mary and Howard Kingston. She was the last born of the family, and on top of that was also the only girl, resulting in her having to toughen up pretty quick to keep up with her older brothers. She was, and still is, your typical 'rough and tumble' tomboy. And was always found with at least one of her brothers.
From a young age Lace was getting into trouble, although she didnt follow her brothers who were relativly well behaved during school and rarely got into trouble unless the incident was something that led back to her.
Lace was always very competitive and never backed down to a challenge. This led to her joining many dangerous sports such as quadbiking,cliff diving and anything else that gave her an aderneline rush. She also did gymnastics competitivly from a young age and was extrememly talented.
As Lace grew older she became more rebellious within school. She couldnt stand the prissy cheerleaders, stuck up jocks and the wannabes. She was quite content with her 'nerdy' group of friends who were a odd selection of misfits that had banded together and to support each other through the teenage years and especially through school. She being one of them.
When she was told she was being sent to the boarding school, although she felt some relief she also felt...Unhappy. She would miss her group of friends and still does and when she graduates from the Academy she plans on moving back to where she came from and staying for a bit. She still calls and recieves calls from her friends every now and then, although she does this via a disposable phone, so she isnt tracked by anybody willing to hurt her.
When Lace realised that the Academy wasnt normal everything seemed to fall into place for her. Of course she was meant for spy life. Thats why she had been so different from the people at her school. She through herself into training, not questioning what she had been told at all, and turned out to be one of the best spies the Academy had seen since her parents had attened their. She had high expectations to live up to, seeing as her parents were seemingly famous there, and she met those targets, and even exceeded them.
Her brothers failed to attend the Academy, although have been informed of what their family deals with and have been taught to an average standard of what to do in times of need. They are very over-protective of their baby sister, so be warned anybody whom wants to befriend her. You have to have their approval first, whether they atteneded the academy or not. All four are still intimidating and deadly.

Mother-Mary Kingston
Father-Howard Kingston
Brother-Austin Wyatt Kingston
Brother-Dallas James Kingston
Brother-Joshua Henry Kingston
Brother-Oliver Lucas Kingston

Weapon of Choice:
Gas Bomb.

Skills:Despite her odd hair and quirky style Lace is good at blending in and being forgotten. She is excellent at hiding and escaping unwanted situations and can think of plans quickly in a time of need, although she isnt such a great planner when it comes to sorting stuff out before a mission, prefering to think on her feet. Lace also has a knack for gymnatics, although she doesnt see where this would come in handy on a mission, she just sees it as a way to keep in shape.

Relationship status:Single

(view spoiler)

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Accepted when finished, but could you put the tattoo is spoilers? Thanks.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) Finished!

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First Name: Bethany

Middle Name: Angel

Last Name: Newell

Nickname (Optional): Beth or Teddy bear

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Bethany is about 5'4" not the tallest and small in stature. As a child she got inspired by various shows and movies where the main character could climb walls and trees. As a result of that inspiration and goal she is fit and has muscle, but doesn't show it unless you look under her clothes. She has curly hair that goes to about just below her neck. It curls around the end, but not so much as to ringlets. Right now her hair is mostly blue with a patch of brown to the right side of her head. This is from constantly changing her hair color to match her new identities. Her eyes are a light blue that captures the light and sort of shines in the light. She has a pale complexion that is only paler in the light. She has a few freckles on the top of her nose that are only light and mixes in with a light touch of acne.

General Style:

Personality: Bethany is a hard person to get through. She doesn't like technology all that much and gets frustrated when it is put in front of her. It only takes her a few minutes to get it to through to her though. She has a smooth personality and tends to hide the sensitive and insecure part of herself due to the intensity of her life behind a wall of disguise. Out of her comfort zone she seems like just a off zone. You can't talk to her. You can't look at her. She won't let you off without a warning if you are rude to her. She doesn't mean to be like that, but just turned into this cold person. Inside she's just an innocent person that doesn't know where she's headed and scared of what she will become.

History: Bethany never really grew up in a normal family. Her mother and father were almost never home and she got used to taking care of her little brother, Tyler. When Bethany was a little older she got suspicious of why her parents were gone so much. She quickly went snooping on their trail. She recorded when they were gone and when they came back the times. Eventually it got to the point she tracked her parents and found a secret passageway through the bathroom closest. She was amazed and bewildered at how this could be possible. She thought it was impossible how this could happen in real life and not in the movies. She confronted her parents with this information and they told her everything. That was the day her life began and left her old life behind.

Mother: Rebecca Newell
Father: Ryan Newell
Brother: Tyler Newell

Weapon of Choice: She likes to use throwing knives when given the chance. It's her best skill and she can kill someone efficently with it just from practice at home with a few wooden targets.

+ Can blend in well
+ Can draw detailed pieces efficently to recreate a scenario

Relationship status: Open

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Chloe-mai wrote: "Finished!"

You're accepted;)

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wanderer (ChloeMai) WOO! :D

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Happy Days! :D

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) First Name: Jacqueline

Middle Name: Marie

Last Name: Axton

Nickname: Quincy or Quince paste, sometimes Jackie

Gender: Female

Age: 17


General Style:
(view spoiler)

Personality: She's probably the laziest person you'll meet and really likes to complain. But when you can get her to shut up and do something, it gets done. And fast. She likes to laugh and joke around and people find she doesn't really fit in as a spy. But she's okay with that. Jacqueline is very talkative. No one is smarter than her though. And because of that she gets into fights. She talks to people a lot because she can learn things about people by how they talk. She also feels very deeply, but hides it so she can be a good spy. She worries a lot, even if she doesn't show it. You can never tell what she is truly feeling because she is a great actor. And trust me, she puts on quite a show.

History: Growing up Jacqueline had an interest in guns. Her father kept guns in a shed in the backyard. She instantly liked the SR25. It's been her favorite ever since and she still uses the one her father gave her. She honestly wasn't very surprised when she found out her parents were spies and that her grandmother was an assassin. She kind of knew it subconsciously. She always thought they acted strange anyways. So now she's here. Picking fights and still being lazy, trying to make her place in the world.

Mother: Virginia
Father: James
Cousin: Sydney
Grandmother: Gail

Weapon of Choice: She likes the SR25 sniper rifle, but when she goes on missions that require her to be up close and personal with her enemies, she uses two Beretta 92 handguns.

-Slight of hand
-Hand to hand combat
-Being lazy

Relationship status: Single <3

Other: Bum ba de dum dum.... I got nothing here.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) :)))))

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Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 90 comments First Name: Joss

Middle Name: Michael

Last Name: Patricks


Gender: Male

Age: 17


General Style: As in picture. Sometimes different when on missions for whatever reason.

Personality: Joss is generally a down to earth guy. His calm earthy attitude makes him seem heartless when he has to take someone out. He's a very nature kind of guy. Joss believes in going with the flow of life and thinks well on his toes to go with it.

History: Joss knew something was off about his family when his father forced him into a Krav Maga class. Most of his Family is deceased except for his father, a former master spy that has been in a wheelchair most of Joss's life. Joss now knows multiple combative arts.

Kent Patricks: Father

Weapon of Choice: A Silver Desert Eagle Pistols.

Skills: What do they do best?
-Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Hand Weapons
-Intelligence Gathering

Relationship status: Single

Other: Tattoo:

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First Name: Keith

Middle Name: Ann

Last Name: Shoemaker

Gender: Female

Age: 16


General Style: Casual tank tops and jeans, but also if she isn't working out, or is just hanging out with friends with no active activity, she wear a comfy T-shirt that is a bit more stylish.
Workout clothes-

Personality: SHe loves to have fun and joke around. But she also knows when she needs to stop cracking jokes, and work. When she works or trains she is surprisingly serious, she completely focuses. She is willing to help people if they prove themselves worthy of her help, and she tends to feel bad for the new spies. She is easy to talk to, and generally friendly.

History: At a young age she found out her parents were spies. One night she couldn't sleep, and went down stairs to get a glass of water. She naturally had light footsteps, so her parents didn't hear her. They were talking in hushed voices, so she stopped to eavesdrop. She heard them talking about a new spy assigment. She gathered more information for two months before she told her parents she knew that they were spies. Her parents knew she was smart, and wouldn't beleive them if they just told her they were discussing a spy movie, because they both were actors as a side job in their 20's, mostly to go undercover. They told her what she had heard was true, but she couldn't tell her second grade friends at school about it, ever. SHe didn't, and accepted the fact that she would be a spy someday.

Family: She has a seven year old brother.

Weapon of Choice: he likes a gun. Kills quickly, easily. Also it's very intimidating.

Skills: She is great going undercover without being noticed, and if she needs to talk to anyone she is naturally friendly, and no one would suspect a thing. They think she's just a regular teenage girl, that is a little nosy at times when she asks them questions.

Relationship status: Single, may have a crush soon.....

Other nothing

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
Accepted when finished

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Mintcat First Name: Destiny

Middle Name: Raven

Last Name: Sealock

Nickname (Optional): None

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: *No anime*

General Style:

Personality: 3-5 Sentences Destiny is compassionate and trusting towards others, though she always seems to be keeping a few secrets. She is intellectual and detailed, mostly noticing things that others may not.
Willing to make friends, she weirdly finds herself as a loner, as she is always "different" from everyone else.

History: 3-5 sentences (As in what was their reaction of finding out about being a Spy/Assassin? What is their family background?) When she was just a young girl, her mother died. They all told her it was a car accident, but she knew better. One night, she stumbled upon a stack of files, stating her parents' past mission briefings. She wasn't too surprised to find out that her parents were spies, but she finally knew why her mother had died.

Father - Richard Sealock

Weapon of Choice: Poison

Skills: What do they do best?
- Coding/Decoding
- Observation/Deduction
- Trickery/Persuasion
- Stealth
- Intelligence Gathering

Relationship status: Single, Open

Other: None

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Mintcat Thanks.

~*ЇÐℰℱẎṧℴ¢ḯεтƴ *~ First Name: Jesse

Middle Name: --

Last Name: King

Nickname (Optional): Jess:)

Gender: Masculine

Age: 21


General Style:

Cute n' messy. Beanies and loose ties are his trademark.


Jessie is a mix between a fun-loving social guy, and a loner skater-boy musician. He can be curious and quirky at times, and distant and absent-minded at others. It all depends on his mood..if you see him with his ear phones plugged in or his guitar case strapped across his back, you know you wont get more than two seconds of conversation out of him. Although at other times, Jessie may have a smile on his face and a skip in his step. Meaning, your in for a lot of fun.

Jessie makes friends easily, but also can loose them easily. He doesn't like to cling to things, or things clinging to him. He's always wanting to start fresh and begin anew. Thus, he goes through girlfriends and guy groups like there ain't no end.

Jessie is also very independent. He likes to put in his own take on things, and really hates getting advise. He's confident in himself and his morals, and he doesn't care what people think of him. He is how he is, and no one can change that.

History: 3-5 sentences

Jessie got kicked out of his home when he was eighteen, because he was a "disgrace" to his richie rich, pompous family. His father is the senator and his mother a commanding, regal woman. He was said to be an "embarrassment to the family name" and a disappointment to his father. Furthermore, he packed his bags and left. Jessie had already graduated high school and never started collage, and so then made his living by preforming at the local bar for cash. He lived in the slums for a while, struggling to get by.
Jesse was absolutely dumbfounded by the letter he received in his rusted mailbox that always got his key jammed, but was happy for it. He went in with a "screw it" attitude, having no idea what to expect. Luckily for him, being a spy isn't as bad as he had it cracked up to be.

Father- Ronald King;senator

Mother-Cecile King; regal,intimidating woman.Lawyer

Younger sister-Maggie King(13); spoiled, a bit of a brat, but still his blood sibling. He misses her constant complaints and her long golden curls.

Weapon of Choice:
Silent and deadly, Jessie is a sticker for throwing knives. Things like ninja stars and complex blades intrigue him. He likes the sneaky approach and the ability to kill from for away as well as extremely close. He hates guns....

-Killing silently and smartly
-Inventing complex strategy's as well as small, easily hid weapons.
-Solving problems;coming up with creative "get around's"
-picking locks
-Becoming someone else entirley
-being discreet
-Being the "mastermind"

Relationship status: Open


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wanderer (ChloeMai) Approved :3

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